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My Steelers won, but it was a nail biter. Bad calls, a real messed up missed up field goal which would have tied the game, an interception that WAS really an interception (regardless of what the NFL said), and the bus got a flat tire. But we won!!! tfro cabbage appl
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Sandye, girl ....

I was a bundle of nerves during that game!! I have always like Pittsburgh ... especially that crazy Coach Cowher!! He just cracks me up! Big Grin

But, with Indy and Coach Tony ... and they did so well during the season ... I've been wanting to see Dungy go to the Super Bowl since he was with Tampa!

The Pittsburgh defense was awesome, though! Eek

But, I'm with you, Sis!! STEELERS ALL THE WAY!! appl appl heart
No, MBM, I am not. I didn't start watching or enjoying football until the mid 70s. They were the team that taught me to appreciate the game. The Browns are my second favorite simply because of logistics (and my Mother would disown me), but the Steelers of the 70s were incredible. Lynn Swann, Mean Joe Green, John Stallworth, Franco Harris, Rocky Bleier, LC Greenwood, Jack Lambert, Donnie Shell, Jack Ham, Mel Blount, Terry Bradshaw ... the boyz were bad and I have loved them for years - even when they were sorry! I did not just recently "get on the bus!"

I agree with you, Ebony, that I love Tony and he has had a tough time personally. I want to see him get his diamond. He certainly deserves one, Sis!

Just in case no one is watching, Penn State's recruiting class will have, at least, 14 of its 25 recruits listed in the top 25 nationally.

Man, this is rarified aie indeed.

And, me with my TV developing a 'dark screen'.

If that mutha dies, the crash you hear will be me throwing it from the roof of my house.

And...HD TV's costing $900+

This is no time to break down.

Two more years!! Two more years!!


Jim Chester


Jim Chester

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