Last week two sisters were standing in front of apartment building waiting for AAA to come help them with their car when a cra cra white woman confronted them and asked if they lived here.  Not only that, she was saying that she made $125,000 a year and was fabulous.  And most importantly to her....had a concealed weapon.  She told the two women they didn't belong in that area.  The women filmed her and put her on Facebook.  She was identified quickly as working for Spectrum Communication-who immediately fired her and apologize for that behavior.  They also said they were an inclusive company and do not tolerant that kind of behavior under any circumstances.  So it seems now Black people can't get stuck in white neighborhoods waiting for help anymore.  Im sorry I still see this as Karma...from the gang and crack cocaine days when Black people turned their backs on each other and went for the money and the little bit of fame they thought they had.  Endless Black children were affected-communities broke down.  Either you were in foster care or prison.

I also blame those who had the money to  invest in the black community but didn't.  Payback for them is coming soon.  Cuz everywhere I turn young white folks are being micro aggressive during a time that racism wasn't as in your face like it was during Jim Crow and the civil rights movement.  I call it Black Male abandonment.  Where are our tough talking know the ones talking big shyte on rap videos?  Where the hell are they?

Additionally, we have had three horrific incidents in less than a week.  The bombings across the country, the shooting of two Black people in the Koeger Store and the killings of 11 Jewish people by..... get this?  A man who is mixed with Native American and Hispanic who wants a Hilter-type regime to come to America.  Is this really 2018?  So are people cracking up cuz the President is making it a trend?  Or are we in deep shyte with a lot mentally ill folks who wanna wipe their boots on victims...cuz they see the  President doing it?    


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Trump's racist dog-whistling rhetoric has all of America's racists psychopaths, sociopaths and troglodytes believing that he's going to allow them to have the "race-war" they have been salivating for since the Civil Rights Movement [and long before]. 

There are some T-shirts being sold that say, "Don't let Trump get your ass kicked".

  They need to make more that say,

"Don't let Trump get your ass killed", and 

"Don't let Trump get your ass sued", and one that says,

"Don't let Trump get your ass locked up in one of America's PREDOMINATELY BLACK PRISONS".  


I was driving home and saw a sign that said.  "Thanks Kanye.  Very cool. "  Who do you think sent that message?  uh that would after the time Kanye was at the white house and told Trump he was his a father to him.  In fact, where is his father?  Cuz Kanye acts "fatherless."  I know he knows who his father is....but!  Where is he?  It's sad to watch a black man being brainwashed and conditioned so much that he can't engage with his own culture anymore.  Reminds me of Sammy Davis Jr....but at least Sammy got "woke" and came back to his culture.  Someone said that Kanye is staying on Trump's good side....cuz he feels that Trump is gonna turn on Black people and it aint gonna be pretty.   In that, it makes sense of his behavior.  Trying to SAVE his own skin.  Sad. But!  

We've been fighting with these bastards since the beginning of time or 1492 or whatever, whenever. We fight; they kill; they kill, we fight; they string our black asses up trees, we fight; they incarcerate, we fight. It seems to me that somewhere along the line, we love these mofos with a passion. We just keep on begging and pleading for more from Mr. Skeleton Man of the Caves.

Kanye is suffering from mental illness, and is being taken advantage of.  Kim should be doing more to convince him to get counseling and/or stay on his 'meds' [if she is not part of the problem].  

I actually feel sorry for him, because when you put his life on a timeline, you see that he 'blew-up' very young, lost his mother at a very young age, and was injured in a horrible automobile accident to the point that his facial bone structure had to be rebuilt.  All of that is a whirlwind that many people can't handle without there being some residual affect to their mental and/or emotional health.

He has so much money, there is no way to tell who is friend or foe to him, including the Kardashians; another mind-bending scenario that can reek havoc on human emotions and mentality. 

Kanye needs to get with a counselor of HIS choice that he can TRUST without ANYONE knowing about it, even the Kardashians, even if it means going back getting a referral from the pediatric doctor his mother took him to as a child, so that he can get some unbiased, no strings-attached counseling, advice, and/or the right medications.  

He now says, he now knows, that Trump was using him, and that he's going to stay out of politics and focus on his music, etc.; I hope that he at least, does just that.  

I think all of us are suffering from some form of mental illness while living in this joint. It comes with the territory. The cave man is a murderous beast and our children have learned well. The only thing is, they kill each other; the cave man kills them. Any one who wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep that night in their bed, peacefully, should thank God. A heap of folks these days aren't getting that luxury. Seems the whole world is suffering from some form of mental illness; thinking about the situation seriously. When you believe you're living in peace and tranquility, a storm comes and blows your ass straight into glory.

  I agree sista Sunnubian.  He hasn't been RIGHT since the death of his mother.  And because he hasn't gotten help, I think he is slowly unraveling.  Yes Kim should help him.  But it is crystal clear, Kim  is about Kim.  Anytime you have a baby outside the womb just cuz you don't want your body to get a whore with a problem.  I feel more sorry for their kids.  To me....they're just trophies not human beings.  The whole family dynamics is sad.  Who wants to be raised in front of cameras?  But mommy and daddy don't care.   Poor kids.    But!.    

  Soooo true Sista Norland.  God help us all.  There's a little cra cra in all of us....except massa is really going overboard.  He is acting out his mental illness.  Look!  First the prez is sending 15 thousands troops to the border and now he just announced that he will DENY anyone asking for asylum.  Now that's crazy.  Cuz besides wanting to enter the country for economic reasons, there are wars people are running from.  He has no empathy.  Very.  Dangerous.  Hope folks who wanted this can sleep at night....or better yet can look themselves in the mirror.  Cuz the bottom line?  We are all humans. Or are we?  But!


I wish to the Holy Gods someone had been at the shores of Plymouth Rock or wherever these fuckers came from and kept their pale asses on the ships or fucking the dogs in the Caves or that the boats had suffered the fate of the Titanic. Who made these skeletons citizens?? Why the fuck didn't they stay in EUROPE?????? They hate everything/everybody; kill everything/everybody. Damn!! There's no PEACE with these creeps anywhere. Where they leave, up steps Saudi Arabia, Syria, Afghanistan; Turkey, China, Russia, Korea waiting in the wings to blow up, dismember, decapitate.

We all just have to sit back and wait for these assholes to blow us or chop us all to bits before there will be peace on Earth, no goddamn goodwill and no men or anything else breathing anywhere.

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