Did yall see the showdown between Whoopi and Jeanine Pirro on the View?

  Can't post the article but I saw the show yesterday and Whoopi was no joke.  Pirro accusssed Whoopi of having Trump Derangement Syndrome.  After saying in the beginning that she [Pirro] can spot a con in a new York minute-except for her conning husband who was indicted on 23 counts and served more than 20 months in prison.   And he did that little time cuz he negotiated his plea...otherwise he would have been sentenced to decades.   she came on to sell her book....and of course she is a trump supporter.  Usually whore-types are.  And she is one of em (trump do or die faithful to him girls) despite being a former judge....cuz her bottom line is MONEY.  And her being a daughter of immigrant parents doesn't prevent her from being on trump's side.  And for me this justifies how some "females" are when it comes to fame and fortune.  Wonder what happened to Omarosa.  

Pirro is also eyeing Jeff Sesssion's job and is one of the other reasons why she looooooovess trump.  She wanna be on the world stage with him.    Perfect example of women who sleep with the enemy for political gain....she doesn't appear to be beneath that.  And Whoopi wouldn't let her take over the table and shut her up real fast.  Check it on youtube. Its a hoot.   But!

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Jeanine Pirro is nothing be a racist tool.

It's disgusting the way she stays on her knees to Trump, and the racist, SEXIST republican party.  

She needs to get those cockeyes fixed with all that money she's making regurgitating republican Racist Propaganda. 

Women like her are the same  to women as a group as the Herman Canes are to Black people; umm, what is that Black people call people like that?  Oh, yeah, houseniggers

Houseniggers come in every race, class and gender.  

I prefer my computer to my television. I'm damn near "Caucasianed" out now. Thanks for YouTube and my music and the many different subjects of my choice. TV's a good cure when one has trouble going to sleep. I've given up on The View and many other so-called "shows." 

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