we've begun to get to know each other a little through the polls (age, sex life, etc.) i wonder what we're like in the physical sense...so, if you were an espresso drink--which would you be?

**height** razz
venti==taller than avg
grande==avg height (for a man-5'9" or woman-5'3")
tall== shorter than avg

**size/weight** eek
2%==weight in proportion to your height
whole milk==could stand to lose a little
breve==rich, thick, and full of calories

**complextion/tone** wink
cappicino==more milk than coffee
latte==coffee with cream
mocha==just like it sounds--medium chocolate brown
espresso==on the darker side (no cream in this coffee)

to get us started, i am a venti 2% mocha big grin

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I'm a tall 2% latte, though some might try to pigeonhole me into the non-fat category-being 5 foot even ain't easy! Smile

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