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Senate Democrats have put into place a plan that includes one last push to take down the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito as he heads into his confirmation hearing next week, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Senate Democrats intend to zero in on Alito's alleged membership to an organization, a witness will claim, that was sexist, racist and out-of-the-mainstream on a variety of issues.


The star witness on the Senate Democrats newly unveiled witness list for Alito's hearing is freelance journalist Stephen Dujack.

Dujack is a '76 Princeton graduate and a longtime critic of Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP).

Dujack was the author of a highly critical 1986 op-ed in the PRINCETON ALUMNI WEEKLY titled "The Contradictions Of CAP." Dujack slammed the group for its policies opposing Princeton's decision to admit women and minorities.

Dujack now says: "Judge Alito will have to explain to the Senate Judiciary Committee why he paid dues to an outfit whose modus operandi was deceit and dirty tricks. He will have to explain how he permitted himself to belong to an organization that was overtly racist and sexist for its entire 14-year existence "” at times passionately so, too."

However, THE DRUDGE REPORT has learned the Democrats' star witness comes with baggage of his own. Dujack penned an op-ed in 2003 that compared farm animals to Holocaust victims and gave money to the Kerry presidential campaign.

In the April 21, 2003 LOS ANGELES TIMES, Dujack wrote: "Like the victims of the Holocaust, animals are rounded up, trucked hundreds of miles to the kill floor and slaughtered." Dujack went on, "To those who defend the modern-day Holocaust on animals by saying that animals are slaughtered for food and give us sustenance, I ask: if the victims of the Holocaust had been eaten, would that have justified the abuse and murder?"

In 1987, while Dujack was editor of THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL, a picture on its cover showed a readable copy of the government's most sensitive intelligence document, the CIA's National Intelligence Daily.

At the time, THE NEW YORK TIMES reported that when government officials questioned Dujack, the individual who took the photograph, about giving up the slide, he "responded the he would refer the matter to counsel but that he doubted he would accede, citing freedom of the press guaranteed under the first amendment."

THE DRUDGE REPORT has also uncovered a purported $2,000 donation Dujack made to John Kerry's presidential campaign in 2004.

One Republican strategist warned, "Democrats plan on making this hearing all about personal smears. If their star witness to do this compares eating a Big Mac to what the Nazis did during the Holocaust, they better rethink their strategy."

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Originally posted by Isome:
Just get rowdy and filibuster... it's getting old already! *lol*

The FILIBUSTER was used to block justice for Black folks:

As with the Davis-Bacon act - it is clear that some Kneegrows have ASSIMILATED but can't see it.
It's not the filibuster that's bad it's why people use it that makes its use a negative thing.

This is a perfect time for a filibuster.

Looking up information is one thing, understanding the meaning of that information provided in those looked up links is something else entirely. ...good thing this is ONE learning year for the unprocessed thinker in our midst. For the rest of us, learning is something we do 3-6-5!.
It's not the filibuster that's bad it's why people use it that makes its use a negative thing.

It's not a VOUCHER that is bad. It's why people stand against it that makes the blocking of the wishes of the Black parents seeking quality education for their kids while not pinch hitting in the name of national politics that makes what they do negative against the kids.
I've lost patience with this current whimpy-ass Democratic Party. They're a bunch of spineless jellyfish (actually, not even jellyfish, jellyfish can at least still sting you lol).

The main reason is because HALF OF THE TIME, THEY AGREE WITH THE REPUBLICANS. They just pretend to disagree just for the show of politiks. Just like the Repugs, they are economic Neoliberals and Neocolonialists. They just disagree with the Neocon's philosophy of militarism and overt takeover (Clinton's Neocolonialism was more subtle).

I think the Democratic Party needs to dump these spineless Centrist Democrats (which are the type of Democrats tha dominate the party) and Neoliberals who are just a less militaristic form of Neoconservatives. The Democratic Party needs more Liberal Democrats and Social Democrats. ONES WITH GOT-DAMN TEETH AND BACKBONES.

The Dems are probably just bluffing and talking shit as usual. Just like on every other issue with Republicans, they'll fucking fold and try to compromise and end up siding with the Republicans for the sake of "keeping the peace". Give me a freaking break. td6
I watched him lying on tv today... it was DISGUSTING!

He joined a supremacist group of some kind, bragged about it in his "application" to the Reagan Administration, and now says he doesn't remember EVER doing anything for or with the group.

Now, if you were a defendant in court and was asked about a joining a group, that you bragged about joining in a letter, but answered that you can't remember doing anything with them or what they were really about, you'd be branded a STINKING liar!!

That's what he is a liar... the typical right wing, white supremacist, woman-hating (or at least keeping in their rightful subordinate place) imperialistic, no civil libererties azz like the rest of this administration.
Originally posted by Isome:
Poor unprocessed thinkers... can't remember what thread they're in, nor can they make a logical analogy, metaphor or articulate a rational nexus between the two!

It's not the ideology that's bad, it's the way in compels the guy to subordinate the gift of thought and the ability to reason and think that's bad. Big Grin

Although, the ideology isn't all that hot either, now that I mention it...


bang Mad


Alito's Ugly Association

    It's easy to tell when conservatives feel most embarrassed by a particular political revelation because indignation immediately swells while memory grows dim. Whatever the outcome of Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination, his membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton is the kind of issue that conservatives clearly prefer to avoid.

    They don't like to be reminded of their historical opposition to civil rights, their continuing hostility to the advancement of minorities, or their bad habit of coddling and cultivating bigots.

    That is why Sen. Orrin Hatch angrily demanded to know why anyone would dare ask Alito about CAP, why Sen. Lindsay Graham theatrically apologized to Alito and his family about the controversy, and why author Dinesh D'Souza, who once edited the organization's magazine, dismissed the subject as a "diversion." That is why Fox News and the conservative media are exploiting his wife's tears to suggest that those questions were somehow illegitimate.

    That is also why Alito himself has claimed to be unable to recall his decision to join the reactionary group of wealthy Princeton graduates (founded in 1972), which became notorious for its opposition to women and minorities on campus, its vicious bigotry against homosexuals, and its defense of the interests of affluent white male alumni and their sons. ...

The Shameless and The Spineless

by Will Durst
    This Is CNN.

    We now return to the Supreme Court Justice Confirmation Hearings live from the Senate. While we were away, the Judge's wife was placed on a stretcher and whisked out of the Committee room after bursting into tears during the questioning of her husband. She will also be tested for rabies after accidentally brushing the arm of Democratic Senator Joe Biden. The Republican Chairman of the Judicial Committee is about to reconvene the proceedings by asking a question of Justice Samuel Alito.

    Order. Order. First off, Justice Alito, let me just say that I've already made up my mind that you're a fine fine man and will make an exemplary justice, and nothing you say is going to change my mind, outside of calling for the overthrow of the country by Michael Moore. And even that is just a maybe. (Laughter) I also want to say I think you've handled yourself with an aplomb that any reasonable person would expect of a justice of your extreme moderate temperament, even in the face of mean, rotten, radical out-of-the- mainstream liberal questions. Biased partisan questions from extremist jackals who have sunk to the level of trying to take you to task for belonging to a harmless fraternity group in college which you don't even remember joining not to mention making your wife cry for which I assure you, they will burn in the fires of hell. Now I will ask some necessary questions I'm sure the American people want to hear. And I warn you sir, these will not be softballs. I intend to ask some tough ones. Are you ready?

    Yes sir, I think I am. Ask away.

    All right then. Justice Alito: do you think the American Justice system is a good system?

    Why yes Senator, I think it is the best system in the world.

    And are you basically a good person?

    Well Senator, I certainly hope so.

    And the flag?

    It's a grand old flag.

    You're not a bigot are you Justice Alito?

    No sir, I'm not.

    No, you certainly aren't, and if you had to describe yourself, would you say you are predominantly pro-good and anti-bad, or pro-bad and anti-good?

    Well, sir, I would describe myself as mostly being pro-bad and anti-good.


    Excuse me?

    I'm sorry, I mean the other way around. I'm just a little nervous here.

    Totally understandable. I think we all would be a little nervous in your position. Especially with so many partisan jackals lined up to nip at your distinguished heels. Well, I must say, you've answered all my questions with deference and clarity. I haven't heard anything here that's going to change my mind. And may I say sir, I'm sure I speak not just for myself but for all the people of my great state that many prayers will be said for your wife to recover from her tragic experience.

    Thank you Senator.

    This meeting is adjourned.

    Well, there's a surprise. It seems the Democrats have given up their right to ask Justice Alito any further questions and they are now all lying slumped over the Committee table like their spines have been literally torn from their bodies. Hmm. Well, that's it from here. Lets go back to the studio where Anderson Cooper will be interviewing Angelina Jolie's ex housekeeper to find out what Brad Pitt likes to put on his cornflakes, and it's not what you think.

    This Is CNN ...
This whole country is about bullshit...from the 2000 election where cronies picked the president, to the made-up lie of a war that is getting young americans killed for nothing, to the horse-show manager placed over a federal agency as the epitome of incompetence as negroes rail on me as Colin Powell said,"because a few black kids graduate from college".....this place has no credibility with me is a place full of low-life racists with a small negro lackey following.......
Why the Alito Nomination to the Supreme Court Is So Important to Black Americans

Samuel Alito's membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton, a group that was strongly opposed to affirmative action admissions for women and minorities at the university, makes it evident that Alito will move the Supreme Court to the right on issues of affirmative action and better opportunities for black Americans.

At last week's confirmation hearings Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware noted that Sandra Day O'Connor was the "fulcrum on an otherwise evenly divided Court." And on affirmative action issues, O'Connor usually tilted the Court to the left. Biden observed that many of the 5-4 decisions of the Court over the time O'Connor was a sitting justice would have been 5-4 decisions for the conservative viewpoint if Alito were to replace O'Connor.

Well-funded right-wing litigating groups are set to navigate affirmative action in higher education. There can be little doubt that issues of race-sensitive admissions, race-based scholarships, and other issues involving equal access to higher education will soon once again reach the Supreme Court. With Judge Alito replacing Justice O'Connor, the decisions are likely to go against the position favored by the vast majority of African Americans.

When the Senate tallies the confirmation vote, the admission of tens of thousands of black students to colleges, universities, and graduate schools each year may hang in the balance.

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