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The Delegate Breakdown -

Delegates Needed to Win: 2,025 of the 4,049 total delagates (3,253 pledged/796 superdelegates)

Hillary Clinton
Pledged: 924
Superdelegates: 224
Total: 1,148

States Won: California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee - Total = 12

Barack Obama
Pledged: 986
Superdelegates: 135
Total: 1,121

States Won: Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, SOuth Carolina, Utah, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Louisana, MIssouri - Total = 19

John Edwards (Dropped out and has not given away his delegates as yet)
Pledged: 26
Superdelegates: 0
Total: 26

States Won: 0

Considering how things have gone thus far in the Democrats process who do you think will win the remaining primaries and caucuses?

Does the 19 to 12 margin by Obama mean that the american public really sees him as the most viable of the 2 democratic candidates?
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'...the superdelegates would have to have a death wish for the Democratic Party if they use their votes to overturn the decision on their own.'---ricardomath

I believe 'The Clintons' are already trying to persuade the super-delegates vote against the wishes of their constituency.

Death-wish or not, some will vote against their own.

Bill Clinton is pulling out all stops.

Hillary Clinton has replaced her campaign manager with an African American who is a woman.

Bill Clinton will be advising his wife to 'promise them anything'.

They can always change their mind...for any reason they can devise.

Political 'life-and-death' is everyday business for these folks.

'The Clintons' have thrown almost every kind of person 'under the bus'.

Be a 'friend' of 'The Clintons' can get you kilt you.


Jim Chester

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