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Buttigegg is a CIA Operative.

Also, who the hell is he to have a "King Alfred Plan [REX 84]",  I mean, "Douglass plan"  for Black people in America?

If he were serious about leveling any playing fields, etc., he would know that any 'plan' should be drafted by Black People/African Americans.

Biden's is a Corporate Democrat, has racially sketchy past, and appears to be in early stages of Alzheimer's.

Elizabeth Warren is taking money from Wall Street/Corporations.  

Bloomberg's vicious racism is the RED FLAG being waived to warn African Americans, really ALL of America, that a win by him would really only facilitate racist, sadistic Israel taking America as well, let alone put the finishing touches on the corporate dictatorship coup d 'etat happening to America.


Bernie is the only logical choice.


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