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For me sexy is a quality or attribute that I find seductive or stimulating in another person –mainly men. For example, a smooth skin Black man with a goatee and white teeth is extremely sexy to me. I have yet to see a Black man with a well-groomed goatee that I didn't find the total man attractive. Something about that goatee, admittedly it's my fetish...You might know hubby wears one. brotongue

Btw, Nykkii I like your avatar, very colorful.
Len, I agree--there is something about a well groomed goatee and white teeth. my daughter seems to have picked up on that common quality (including full lips) from the few male friends of mine she has met (including her father).

--thanks for the compliment on the avatar. that's our famous market and the flower stand is actually owned by a friend of mine...a few years back when i worked blocks away from the market i'd have flowers on my desk at work every week compliments of him. he was a big flirt, but hey--free fresh flowers were a good with me!! Smile

a generally well groomed man is sexy. meaning, nails cut short and clean and filed. hair neatly trimmed or kept up depending on the style (i.e dreds, twists).

a fresh scent...i think we talked about how some of us sneek smells of our men's scent when he's not with us. its so sexy to find a shirt of his or roll over onto his pillow and pick up his scent. if he wears cologne--wear it in moderation...less is best!!!

scientifically women are attracted to the "triangle" and while i don't specifically look for see a man with it is sexy. triangle=broad shoulders + narrow waist.

i think a brutha in a sharp suit is sexy..especially when he wears it like he knows he looks good, but acts like its just another suit.

super white tee shirts and worn in faded levis that fit well will forever be sexy.

women with great legs, short flowy feminine skirts and great heels are sexy

simple black dresses are sexy.

perfectly lined and glossed lips are sexy.

thats about does it for me on the physical...there are many more things on the intellectual/emotional side that i think are sexy...mtc

a man who listens is sexy to me. I mean a man who actually listens when I talk and can remember things I may have only casually mentioned once-one who pays attention to all the details.

soft, full lips are sexy(LL Cool J, has the perfect man lips to me!)

For a woman I think Beyonce is sexy.(as close to perfect as can be)

The Lord is on my side;I will not fear:what can man do unto me?
(Psalms 118:6)

If God brings you to it - He will bring you through it.

Intellect, strong sense of black pride, can hold an intellegent conversation, strong personality and has some common sense.
Physically, I do like them to be taller than me. Adewale Agbaje "Simon Adebisi" of OZ, that is my perfect black man of the moment.
He just a has this "rough" quality about himself that is just so sexy. He just looks like he can handle business.
Sexy can not be defined easily, in that, each person has their own definition, how you carry yourself, the smile, the laugh, etc. Physically, what attracts me the most are the eyes (soft, dark eyes), voluptous lips, and a pretty smile set against a caramel to mahogany background...

I would be curious how you would differentiate between sexy and sensual...for me is sexy is physical stimulation and sensual is more mental stimulation. They may have the same result, just a different route to get there.
A person of color who knows that he/she is a individual who does not have to beg for his/her space in this world. Someone who exudes confidences. Someone who walks in the room and every one stops and takes notice. That sexy to me.

I love a chocolate hued brother, mmmmmm melts in your mouth kind of brother....hehehe, so naughty of me. I love a black man with a little tight, round, high butt and when he walks, he makes me turn my head brosmile and makes my heart skips a beat.

Originally posted by Tigers37:
I would be curious how you would differentiate between sexy and sensual...for me is sexy is physical stimulation and sensual is more mental stimulation. They may have the same result, just a different route to get there.

sexy v. sensual--good question tigers.

for me sexy can be physical and mental.

a look can be sexy, a way of standing can be sexy, a deep intelligent conversation can be sexy.

sensuality is truly a "sensing" thing.

so to say it's mentally stimulating is true--but we have 5 senses that can be gratified through sensuality.

the way a woman eats whip cream off of a peach slice can be sensually pleasing to our eyes--it can be sexy too.

the way a woman or man smells can be sensual.

the way someone says your name can be sensual.

a touch can be sensual and so can a familiar 'taste'. Wink

i think i differentiate between sexy and sensuality in the response im after. if im trying to arouse through sensing...its sensuality. if im trying to (or not trying to) arouse through mental or physical activity it can be sexy. i think they go hand in hand and can be happening at the same time.

a soft scent is the sensual part of the sexy dress and heels.

thanks Nykkii...I don't think we are that far off...I like the way you explained...very clear.

Since sensuality has the base word of "senses", it makes "sense" that all senses are used. I also think sensuality is more subtle, because it is about using the senses. Knowing your significant other, what subtle vibes you can send to attract, arouse, and please. An unexpected phone call to conjecture an image or thought...that only the two people understand...the subtle touch, light touch of the hand, touch of the hair, etc.

Sexy is being more open, like you said, to arouse either mentally or physically.

Sexy and sensual are key pieces of any relationship...the variety keeps it alive.
Sexy is the way the right woman looks at you when she's in the mood. She exudes sex with her eyes, the way she bites her lip, the way she moves towards you. Sex appeal is something everybody has inside. To me sexy is a woman who can lay in bed with me on a sunday and be content. I know its cliche, but we read the paper together, we take a walk, we do nothing. If she can watch football all day with me and enjoy it, that is the ultimate. I think people are at their sexiest when they aren't even trying.

I prefer sensuality....

and after reading these posts....

I don't think I've ever experienced....



take that back....


I like the ummmm.... "masculine" traits in a man.....

I find it sexy when a man is ummmmm.... exuding confidence..... and there is substance behind it.....

I like a deep voice..... but a deep voice means nothing next to a sharp mind....


a sharp masculine mind....

is sexy....


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