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I have decided to draft the "Dating Contract". This document should be used to set standards for those still trying to work toward that more meaningful relationship.


JUDGE: Romance
FIRM: Love, Happiness, and Commitment



This Agreement is effective and shall continue until such time as the HE and/or SHE decide to terminate the relationship. In the event the members do terminate said relationship, this Agreement will be terminated, and all emotional baggage will be discarded at such time.

The prospective parties shall agree to the following terms stated by signing this contract:


1. Seeing that the term can be interpreted to mean or imply that a relationship is moving in a serious direction, the term Dating shall NOT be used to describe the current relationship between said parties. Henceforth the term, Exploring the Boundaries of Our Relationship will be applied.
2. Said parties will not use the term Love unless being used in reference to family, food, or inanimate objects.
3. Neither HE nor SHE will ASSUME that the relationship has changed unless BOTH choose to review the situation and ratify the agreement. At such time the RELATIONSHIP CONTRACT shall be drawn up and signed.
4. Said parties agree that intimate contact such as handholding, hugging, and kissing are permitted once both are comfortable with such contact.
5. Said parties agree NOT to engage in Sexual Relations until BOTH have agreed on weather this will change the status of the relationship in both HIS and HER minds.
6. Neither HE nor SHE will ASSUME that the others person is obligated to spend their free time with them.
7. Neither HE nor SHE will ASSUME that the other person is obligated to call them every day.
8. Neither HE nor SHE will ASSUME that the other person is not dating other people. However, both parties agree to be upfront and honest about weather they are dating others.
9. During this period, HE agrees that it is implied that HE will be paying for date expenses unless SHE insists on paying for half or all of these expenses.
10. SHE agrees that she will reciprocate by sincerely offering to pick up the check once in a while.
11. HE will not ASSUME that spending money will entitle him to an intimate interlude with HER.
12. Both parties agree to a minimum of 60 days or 10 dates, which ever comes first, before even discussing taking the relationship to a serious level.

Dated this _______ day of _________

Signature (He)____________________________

Signature (She)___________________________
_______________________ "Morality cannot be legislated but behaviour can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart but they can restrain the heartless." Martin Luther King.
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True donna529--some women may take offense.
When I first saw this non-artful piece of work about 6 months ago I thought it comical.

The only reason one would take offense is if the contents hit a nerve....

I guess it just depends upon what relationship status women are in when they read this non-artful piece of work...

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