Daniel 12: 1290 & 1335;
Linking European History for AA

As I went through the public school system, I was made to believe that European history was about white people and I was initially not interested. But soon, I began to realize that it was an important to know in order to pass national exams so, I began to apply myself. But soon I began to realize too, that without an understanding of, not only European history but, world history, it is impossible to understand the Bible history.

Here is one example of European history written down in the Bible by Daniel the prophet. Amazingly, he wrote this down about 1750 years ago before the actual event occurred. Daniel recorded a vision that he had in the first year of the Persian king Darius:

And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. [DANIEL 12:11-12].

In order to understand this passage too, the phrase ˜daily sacrifice' must be understood. The daily sacrifice that was taken away was Jesus. This happened in A.D. 33.5 and on Friday, October 14, at 6:00 P.M... Soon after, the Romans had the temple destroyed, drove the Jews out of Jerusalem and changed the name of the land to Palestine. The other phrase that needs to be understood is ˜the abomination that maketh desolate'. Also, it is the unknown factor (the x-factor) so, to understand this prophecy, Algebra, must be applied. The root word ˜aboma' or ˜a bomb' and ˜nation' hints at this truth. It is a devastation that becomes so profound, it makes a nation, civilization or government completely desolate. So, 33.5 + 1290 = 1256.5. In A.D. 1256.5, it was during the 7th Crusade that Hulagu-the-Hun and his horde invaded ˜the Middle East'. Also, the Crusades were a time that ˜Black Magic' [Petroleum] became used in warfare. In addition, ˜the War of Germs' also became used. Dead animals were catapulted over city walls and within days, the entire population was dead. In A.D. 1290, [12905], the last Crusade was fought at the Battle of Acre. And finally, in A.D. 1335, it was the beginning of what became known as ˜the Black Death' or ˜Bubonic Plague'. European books date this to be in A.D. 1347 but, as this plague swept across the Eurasian landmass, the dates of a number of new kings show A.D. 1335! But what is more profound is that most people do not realize that this occurrence was most certainly another PASSOVER! Just as in the days of Egypt, many ethnic people were EXPELLED from Europe and, millions of them came to the Americas more than 100 years before Columbus supposedly found America!

European history does not fail to elaborate on this time period they call 'the Bubonic Plague' or 'the Black Death'! They write the the whole Eurasian continent was affected. Arab Ships filled with the wealth of Africa came in and all was dead on board. Prisons were opened and prisoners set free because the jail could not be ran in Europe.... They say that 90% of the Jews were totally unaffected by this plaque! But here is where the truth turns to lies. They do not define the Jews to be Abra-Hamitic [Hamitic]! The European powers later blamed the Death Plaque on the European Jews and Arab [Egyptians] that remained behind and, whomever else that thought it was okay to stay. And, the people were slaughtered. The streets were said to have ran red with blood. But the oppressed Blacks were EXPELLED before the slaughter. Millions of ethnic people left Europe and came to North America, South America, Middle America, Angola.... They became apart of the Native America! We did not just get over here in the 1600s byway of the slave ships! Like Sertimia said, We Came Before Columbus!*

*Sertima, Ivan Van. The African Presence in Ancient America. They Came Before Columbus. New York: Random House, 1976.
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