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19 Celeb Daddy-Daughter Moments That Will Make You Say ‘Awwwww!’

Because daddy-daughter time is priceless

06/17/2016 12:37 pm ET
Taryn Finley Black Voices Associate Editor, The Huffington Post

Witnessing a dad’s adoration for his daughter can warm the coldest of hearts.

Not even famous and influential dads can resist the pull their baby girls have on their hearts. It’s evident in the way the president boasts about Sasha and Malia, the way Jay Z holds Blue or even in how Devon Still fights for Leah. Their love for their daughters is pure.

That’s why we’ve collected 19 photos and Instagram posts from celebs that show the magic of a daddy-daughter moment. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged.

  • We love how much President Barack Obama loves his girls.
    Pool via Getty Images
  • Blue Ivy Carter is just a little girl version of Hov, tbh.
  • Steph Curry and his agent/publicist/coach Riley Curry.
  • Devon and Leah Still are inspirations and what daddy-daughter goals are made of.
  • They’ve had their ups and downs but Beyoncé and Matthew Knowles will always have love for each other.
  • Diddy stans for his daughters Chance, Jessie and D’Lila Combs like no other.
  • North is probably one of the only people in this world Kanye loves more than himself.
  • Willow lets Will Smith be the cool dad. That’s love.
  • Heaven is just as silly as Kevin Hart.
  • Lil Wayne and Reginae Carter’s bond is so cute!
  • Nas adores Destiny Jones so much that he made a song about it.
  • *Heart eye-emoji* at this throwback of Rev. Run and his oldest daughter, Vanessa Simmons.
  • Clara makes Lee Daniels such a proud dad.
  • Mike Epps is lucky enough to have four beautiful daughters, Maddie, Bria Mariah and Makayla Epps.
  • The Game definitely has a soft spot for his daughter, California Taylor.
  • Russell Simmons’ daughters, Aoki and Ming, have grown into beautiful young ladies.
  • New dad John Legend is getting used to daddy duty for baby Luna.
  • Idris and Isan Elba are such a dope duo.
  • Corinne is definitely Jamie Foxx’s partner-in-crime.
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