I knew this was just a matter of time.  I told a woman at work this could happen 10 years ago.

Put technology in your house that other people know a lot more about than you do and there is no telling what will happen.


School Spies on Students at Home With Webcams: Suit

Administrator remotely activates student's webcam to watch his “improper behavior” at home: lawsuit


A Philadelphia-area school official confronted a student with photographic evidence that he was doing bad things at home. She got her evidence by activating the webcam on the laptop in his house, a lawsuit claims.

Lower Merion School District officials are spying on students and their families inside their homes with Web cameras installed in pupil laptops, claims Blake J. Robbins in a lawsuit against the district.

The lawsuit,  filed Feb. 11, alleges that webcams in personal laptops -- that are issued to every high school student --  can be, and have been, remotely activated by school administrators without a person in the same room as the laptop being the wiser.

How did Robbins and his family find out administrators could spy on them?



Of course all you have to do is take a piece of electrical tape and put it over the camera lens and only take if off when you want to use the camera.  You can conquer the world with electrical tape. 


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I hope that these families win their lawsuit because there is no reason, other than spying on these kids, for school officials to even be accessing the webcam just to track where the kids were surfing the internet; the internet history could have been tracked without school officials ever even accessing the webcam, so which ever school officials that were peering at these kids via the webcam did so on purpose; and I can't see anyone other than a peeping tom or phedophile having any desire to do such.

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