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Covid19 was first mentioned in a book written by Dean Koontz ("The Eyes Of Darkness") in 1981The Eyes Of Darkness Dean Koontz.jpg

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Also Sylvia Browne wrote a book in 2008Sylvia Browne Book: This book predicted 2020 coronavirus outbreak 12 years ago. Trending now - Trending News News

Eye am not saying that the Covid19 Virus is not real - what Eye am saying is that the virus is manmade with a. patent number


Dr. Fauci who is head of the NIH --knew about the development of the virus as did Obama. The photo below shows them visiting an lab in Baltimore MD

President Obama tours a lab at the Vaccine Research Center at the National Institutes of Health | The White House

Now there are emails surfacing from Fauci's hard drive confirming his pre-knowledge:


Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."

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What's the difference between alive fetal cells and abortion???????

I received my two shots and am hoping I don't end up in a hospital dying without any family members being present. So far, so good!! We live among these Caucasoids and anything is liable to happen. It's our plight living in the United States with these human animals for 400 years. Take the shots or don't. It's your body and your mind that controls it. Good luck!!

If they're not killing you with bullets, incarceration, execution; your brothers are killing you with bullets. Just try your damndest to keep breathing and try to keep your family as healthy as you can under the circumstances. No one's leaving, so we get what we get. Fuck it!!!!!

  The cornavirus isn't the only fatal disease we've experienced.  First the small  pox, polio, TB, the Hong Kong flu just to name a few.  Hell that's how the Amerindians were wiped out.  So diseases are not new to the European and is why he is willing to cough in your face while being maskless cuz he know disease is how he became powerful.  Can't fight if you're sick.  So you gotta protect yourself at all times cuz these days no one cares if you live or die.  So be your own narrator.  But!

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