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  Thank you all for these enlightening perspectives.  Once again we are under the hammer but we were ALWAYS under this hammer.  Nothing's changed.    Yes everything said is relevant and true.  But mostly importantly this is the pattern of massa.  Please look at his history.  This pandemic is nothing new it is just "new" to North America but not really "new" because we've had all kinds of infectious diseases killing folks since European/Asian contact like Native Americans [including Amerindians from the Caribbean areas]who were never exposed to deadly pathogens like the small pox, measles, yellow fever etc before being invaded-many dropped like flies [without bullets but] at the very "touch" of massa and of course the  news about their massive deaths weren't constantly spread all over the world as  it is now. Cuz back then nobody cared and massa only noted his so-called victories in killing his enemies [ by spreading contaminated blankets/food etc] in journals/diaries/letters. 

And it's only been less than 100 years that Asia came out its pandemic/or epidemic situation through eradication (can't remember what disease it was-pulling a blank right now]. So again.  I can't dismiss any theories explaining what is happening to us right now but I do know that this is not a new tactic to  eliminate an undesirable race.  Cuz why?  It is in their history regardless of the technique-they've done it through raids, slavery, Jim Crow, Lynchings, Syphillis Diabetes, High Blood Pressure[won't mention the endless experiments on us]-I mean why is anyone surprised? They've been trying to kill us off for years.  And if black people are not woke up by now?  They. Never. Will. Wake. Up.   It is  officially every person/family for themselves.  They have now made us afraid to be with each other...since killing each other and massive incarcerations haven't worked to reduce our population.   

Plus too many Black folks are still going to churches in masses without wearing masks and not social distancing themselves-that's focking crazy.  Running into the coronavirus bus-that's what they are doing and using their religion [as their constitutional right] to not wear a mask [not thinking one time about protecting the congregation].  Ridiculous!  I was talking to this fool[a woman] trying to stay my distance, she's telling me she got Jesus and is unafraid.  What does that got to do with me?  Stay the fock back.  Im not trying to get your germs.  Folks are dying in droves.  That's  my proof this is focking serious.  What's yourn?   I mean that's her space to  believe what the fock she wants but that don't mean you gonna drag my ass in with you by coughing and hacking in my face.   That's a lie.  Cuz I dont wanna damn thing she got.  If she wanna risk her life, that's on her.  Remember Jesus is the name of a slave ship that brought Africans to America.  When you say that?  "Them" look at you like you're the one who's cra cra.  So these are the kinds of not woke black folks/fools that are out there at grocery stores, gas stations etc. contaminating the rest of the Black Community.  And to me?  That our real enemy-the Black nonbeliever-who believes the virus can't get them cuz they got Jesus.  But! 

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I've watched a number of his videos. 

You know that if they[republicans/Trump, capitalists] are trying to convince people to just keep working [and exposing themselves], or that this Covid-19 is "like having the flu", or for senior citizens to ['sacrifice'] themselves to capitalism [Texas Lt. Governor], it's not a big leap to know that, to make money they don't care if they have to poison and mutate ALL of humanity and the environment.

Psychopaths having access to advanced science/technology is equivalent to a monkey having a ray gun.


But, notice how there was all that PROPAGANDA about Black people not contracting COVID-19?

Now ALL-OF-A-SUDDEN more Black people have it than anyone else [supposedly].

Now, how that happen?  All of a sudden like?  You know, with Black people actually being the most resistant to 'pathogens'.  

Not to mention how 5-g is all of a sudden in Africa.  [Millions without running water (or clean water), or can't afford the fees to send their children to school, or have been lured into slavery in ISLAMIC states/countries, FMG still happening to female babies and girls, no Standing Military(ies) to defend Africa, but they have 5-G Technology ready to infect ALL of Africa.  WOW.  

So, is COVID-19 gonna be how Black genocide is going to be excused away?

Another thing, if anyone in the hospital with COVID-19 can't have visitors/family anywhere near them, who's to say what people are really dying of, or who is actually being helped, and who is being left to just suffer until they die? 



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This has been all over the news, but it seems that only progressive news shows are also mentioning this cowardly cop's long record of police brutality.  Of course, he still has a job.

They come into predominately Black cities, sides of town, area, etc., with the precise, premeditated intent to harass, brutalize or murder Black people; that makes them psychopaths, homicidal maniacs and serial killers [given a fucking badge!].  Damn.

It kills me how quick Latino/Mexican, etc., cops are to run that same racist line against Black people, all the while racist White cops are doing the same things to Latinos and Mexicans [and other minorities] all across America.

I hope this guy and everyone whose face this cop was in, and everyone he touched without a mask or gloves sues the hell out of the city.  

This same cowardly cop wouldn't have did jack sh!t if he didn't have that badge and gun and several armed cops around his ass, especially if the Black guy was his nearer his size.  

Its really sick as hell, that in the middle of a freaking Plandemic in the middle of the city hit the hardest in America, all these stupid cops can think of is, "go harass, brutalize, and murder Black people".

But, hey, a sociopath is going to be a sociopath, a psychopath is going to be a psychopath, a homicidal maniac is going to be a homicidal maniac, and a serial killer is going to be a serial killer, not matter what.

They think fucking with unarmed Black people makes them look big and bad, when in fact, it only shows how much of a coward they really are.

They want to fuck with Black people so bad, why don't they do it when they are off duty and unarmed?  Why don't they do when the Black person is armed?  Why don't they every go up against a Black guy mano o mano without hiding behind a badge, a hoard of armed cops, and an entire government agency?  


 @ Brotha RR

You get to the point without saying a word.    How true is that?  And is why I block myself from all these theories out here.  It's also weighs down the immune system-causing depression/anxiety and low resistance to staying healthy.  I understand everyone having to have their say in this but for me?  I focused on all those dead bodies [continuously] surrounding this country (with more to follow especially in Cali).  And quite frankly I don't give a mock about the reasons why.  They always had a reason to kill us-this is just one mo.  My concentration on this current crisis is to do all I can to stay healthy and safe.  Cuz there are some nuts out here thinking that their philosophy on life is everybody's philosophy-well it ain't mine.    And Im not arguing cuz that drops your immune system too.  It's every man for himself.  And the main target are men of any race who are dropping faster than their women counterparts.  I remember with the other infectious diseases like  syphills, tuberculous, polio, mumps, measles, the Hong Kong flu, small pox etc and the deliberate genocides on Japan, Haiti, Armenia just to name a few-so this is not new.  It is just new to this generation of folks who have no clue what it means to be in a chaotic situation with no real answers.  And all these screams about freedom and rights from white folks are merely flashbacks from the Feudal System Europeans experienced when they didn't have human rights to leave the property or manor they worked on-they were bond to the land not their own.  So massa just don't wanna give up doing the things that make him feel free in a country he now calls his own.  And it's fock everybody else.  But this is his mantra.  He has been the one who bring disease to the world...not us.  And whatever aliment we brought to the table never wiped cultures out or killed large populations. 

So clearly we need to take a breath and relax-then look this monster dead in the eye and ask forcibly-who the fock are you.....this time?  No, this question won't stop the virus from killing us but we can focus on the important factor at hand which is doing all we can to stay alive by whatever means necessary.  Cuz all this talking about knowing what ifs in this conspiracy only gives headaches cuz no body really knows for sure what this virus is but what we do know?  This kinda thing has happened before.  So the smartest move one can do for their family and themselves [instead of agonizing over something you have no control over] is to stock up essentials for at least six months, go back to old school methods of running a household, reacquaint yourself with the stunning beauty of your culture i.e. music/art/literature and then watch everything unfold... from afar.  In the meantime, decisions must be made whether or not you are going to return to work, school or travel.  The thing is theorists are not gonna worry about if you are going to eat, where you are going to sleep and feel safe.  In fact, they care less about what happens to you or your family.  All they want?  Is that 15 minutes.  It's an unnecessary distraction...I mean it can be used as entertainment but that's all.  However....I've learned [early in childhood] how to entertain myself.  And understood back then as a little girl that sometimes you just can't go outside.   But! If you are gonna listen to these theorists please make sure you do your due diligence and do thorough research on them on and off the internet. 

But for me?   I don't need other folks doing a philosophical analogy on something I can do myself.  I don't like people thinking for me especially about something new on the scene that first requires a [human] common sense approach.  We know that white folks go nuts when they can't have something they want-i.e. privilege.  And we also know when it comes to freedom not many white folks exercise common sense to acquire it.  As we see in this coronavirus case by them wanting to reopen the country [too soon], not wearing protection and not social distancing in a desperate effort to prove they're American [and they can do what they want unmasked!].  But guess what?  They've always been this stupid way as why they fought against vaccines [ as a result some eradicated diseases returned] and were inconsiderate about controlling other fatal diseases in the past that had spread like wild fires killing folks in epidemic/pandemic portions-so let's not forget that.  I said all of this because I've seen other sites with conspiracy theories on why and what this coronavirus have come from  but the bottom line?  This shyte is killing us and unless we finally know what it is? Stay away.  Stay masked/gloved.  Stay distanced.  You can't fight what you can't see.  And that what the coronavirus is-invisible!  And unless these theorists have superman glasses on and can see the virus coming toward us and therefore can legitimately warn us?   They need to sit down, put on a mask and shut the fock up.    Cuz they ain't the only ones who can analyze and strategize.  Black folks been doing that for over 300 years.  Hell if we couldn't.....we wouldn't be alive today.  So let's stop giving these idiots our precious time.  Let's use that time to prepare ourselves.     If they cared so much...what are they doing for their family's health and safety?  And what are they telling them?    Ha!  That's the real question.    But!  


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 @Brotha RR  You so funny!  And this image is probably what it will feel like for kids when they do finally return to school.  Plus they will have seen a lot and have had to mature fast.  So this graphic of them shown grown up is, I think,  very appropriate.  But 


i'm not sure how they will be able to clean down a whole school every day with so many kids from many different homes.  I think online school might be the norm for now


Eye got it all in written form, Karen: The man says: Well, you heard earlier that there’s no real concern about aluminum because it’s such a small amount that it really should not matter. But the kind of aluminum that we put into vaccines is a different kind of aluminum that we see environmentally. This is called a nanoparticle. And nanoparticles bind really tightly to the bacteria antigens, the virus antigens of food protein antigens, and any other contaminants that are in the vaccines that we may not know about. And we know that the biochemical properties of nanoparticles is that they are capable of entering the brain. And so we have not evaluated the safety of the aluminum amount of the particle and its injection and where it goes when it gets into the body and whether it gets into the brain. Do vaccine ingredients belong in the brain? No. They get into the brain. No one has ever studied it. But animal studies using the same chemicals that are in the vaccines that we give to children directly demonstrate that the vaccine ingredients do enter the brain. We are ignoring this information. There are scientists in Europe who’ve actually done studies on the aluminum nanoparticle and know that it can persist in the brain for years and decades. And so what we’re seeing is a large outbreak of near, developmental disabilities in adults, including Alzheimer’s. And one of the main factors that they’re finding in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s is the aluminum amount of the particle that’s directly related to the vaccines that we’re giving. So we have never studied whether the aluminum that we’re giving in vaccines gets into the brain. And we have never studied whether it stays in the brain and what it does if it stays in the brain. But we do know that vaccines are supposed to cause inflammation in the body. But we have more than half of our children with chronic inflamed conditions. And we’ve never allowed ourselves to ask the question, if the vaccines cause inflammation acutely, do they continue to create inflammation chronically. We have one in 5 with neurodevelopment disabilities, one 10 with ADD and ADHD, and one in 35 with autism, one in 11 with asthma, and one in 20 under the age of five with seizures and the autoimmune diseases are exponentially rising. And we are finding that the viruses and bacteria that we’re injecting into the body, along with the adjuvants, create something called modular mimicry, which means the body sees those viruses thinking that it’s foreign, but actually finds pieces of those viruses that match pieces of the self. And the immune system doesn’t differentiate between what it is told to reject of itself, so it will turn the immune system on itself, leading to an autoimmune condition. We know this about hepatitis B. We know it about the Gardasil vaccine, and we know it about the flue vaccine. And we continue to say. Unequivocally that the vaccines have been studied effectively, and that there says, that’s just not true.

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