Okay, I do not usually indulge in gossip, but I was at a conference this past weekend where Cornel West was in attendance. I was talking with friends, and was informed that West was no longer with his wife Elleni but was involved with someone else (supposedly a white woman by whom he had a child). Eek

Does anyone know if this is true? I know that West has been married several times. The (bad) joke was that he would get a new wife every time he switched universities. I thought that this time, things might be different.

So, if anyone knows the real deal, I would appreciate your sharing it.

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Like I said, these were rumors, albeit by scholars in Black religious studies. I do not know anything for sure. That is why I am asking here. I have not been able to find anything on the web. I know that Elleni is the executive director of African AIDS Initiative International, Inc. They have offices in Boston, and Cornel is now in Princeton, NJ. They could be doing the commute thing?
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If true, West's stock is tanking in my book. It pains me to see (hear about) strong Black folk, talking about important Black issues, from a strong pro-Black position; only to have them bed down with the others.

What?!? Is it a status thing?!?

C'mon now folks. We shed lots of blood in the civil rights movement to be able to sleep with white women!

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