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Controversy Over Black Baby Jesus Shows Depiction of Christ Is Still a Politically-Charged Issue


This black doll in the nativity scene on display in MP Lizzie Blandthorn's Pascoe Vale office has some locals seeing red.

This black doll in the nativity scene on display in MP Lizzie Blandthorn’s Pascoe Vale office has some locals seeing red.

People often argue that it shouldn’t matter what color Jesus Christ is, but hackles are raised when he is portrayed as anything other than white. This is what’s happening in Pascoe Vale, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, which has generated controversy by displaying a nativity scene with a dark-skinned baby Jesus.

According to The Moreland Leader, Pascoe Vale state Labor Member of Parliament Lizzie Blandthorn said the figure, displayed in her office window, is a more historically-accurate depiction of Christ. She said the display had been well-received so far.

“It’s a very multicultural community and people are pleased to see a multicultural presentation of the nativity,” she said. “Some people have suggested it wasn’t appropriate because it was dark-skinned, but my view is it’s more historically accurate given the part of the world in which the nativity happened.”

Even though Jesus is usually portrayed as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian in Western art, religious scholars say, judging by the place he was born and the people who lived there, he most likely would have been a dark-skinned Middle Easterner. The Archdiocesan Vicar General Monsignor Greg Bennett also supported this view. He told The Moreland Leader Jesus was Jewish, so he would have looked like the people of the Middle East.

“However, throughout the centuries, the images of the Holy Family in art, sculpture and windows have reflected the diverse cultures of the world and therefore the depictions of the Holy Family have reflected this reality,” Bennett said. “Jesus was born for all people — all nations — in history for history.”

However, not everyone is happy about the dark-skinned baby Jesus in the Pascoe Vale nativity scene. Local resident Maria, who didn’t give her last name, told The Moreland Leader she didn’t like the display because it was “changing what Jesus was.”

“I’m not saying he would have been blue-eyed and blonde, but I don’t think he would have been that black either,” she said. “It sounds like I’m being racist but I’m not. I’m Italian, I was born here, and I used to get called a dago — I don’t like racism.”

Twitter user XanderAngelis again raised the point that Jesus’ color should be immaterial.

“Why am I seeing people arguing about what colour Jesus was. It doesn’t matter if he was white, black, brown, green or purple,” he tweeted.

The controversy over the Pascoe Vale nativity scene shows how politically charged the depiction of Jesus can be. It seems many people get bent out of shape any time he is portrayed as anything other than a white man.

Tim Wise, an American anti-racism educator and author, said the image of Jesus has changed over the centuries. However,some of the first images of Jesus, found in the catacombs under Rome, depict him as dark-skinned. Also, early images from the Roman Empire, which helped spread Christianity across Europe, show him as a man of color. But over the centuries that image has changed to what is the now standard Caucasian features. Wise said there is a political reason for this.

“The image of a white Jesus has been used to justify enslavement, conquest, colonialism, the genocide of indigenous peoples,” he said in a CNN interview. “There are literally millions of human beings whose lives have been snuffed out by people who conquered under the banner of a white god. “

“So long as our culture pictures Adam, Eve, Moses, Jesus, Mary, the Apostles, and even God ‘himself’ as fair-skinned, despite the obvious preposterousness of such representations, we will continue to plant the seeds of racial supremacy in the hearts and minds of millions,” Wise said.











"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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  Of course there is a political reason.  And it's a global one.  Massa had to represent a civil "god" ideology.  After the fact that he conquered near damn all of the world at his peak time in history, he stole everything else.  Why not adopt christianity.  Surely, since during the Roman days-their world of pederasty, war and slavery were collapsing because of their missing empathy for women.  Their whole kingdom like many others during their day was based on the praise of the male form.    Sodomy ruled their nation [and in many places around the world still do ] as it ruled Greece-when both countries were at one time the most powerful empires in the world.  And it all began there.  The greatest thieves in the world.  Yet the full story isn't told but if you study these particular groups it will tell you WHY christianity was needed against the rest of the world during that time that both power nations indulged in slavery and mygosny[sp] -can never spell this word right.  I'm not referring to African slaves when I say slavery during the time of the Roman and Greek Empires.  Slavery for Africans came later.

And so the whole story of Jesus birth.  It is the exact duplicate of Egyptian's  Isis, Orisis and Horus trinity which massa turned into the father, the son and the holy ghost[god] UNREALISTIC canon from the scripture strolls he stole from the Egyptian mysteries.  Cuz it's really the spiritual symbol for the mother, the father and the child trinity.  Yes this is in an  in depth situation of our truth but  we must always keep this open for view for our generations to they will  KNOW about and ponder on its value.  But revealing this truth in some black communities is like beating a dead horse-no one black wants to hear it.  Not even black preachers.  Cuz they have brought into this fairy tale white savior persona.  Why?  It benefits them cuz they can subliminally go behind the wall of their spiritual cloth and commit heinous sexual crimes against innocent children without being reprimanded.

 So.  Black people need to discuss at the dinner table what happened during the Alexandria meeting in Egypt where three major religious leaders agreed to split and adopt portions of those Egyptian scripture as their own.  And they must discuss WHY the baby Jesus is so significant where the color of the his skin is so important.  Black people must also  relearn WHY there is rivalry between the Jews and Arabs.  Why massa always has to be in the middle of their disputes.  And why during the December soltice violence in supposed holy places increases- cuz it's all connected to the original period when the Wisdom of Egypt or Sophia Mysteries were divided among the three major monster slavers of the world.  The Jew, The Arab and the European.  And their rise is also connected to the downfall of the matriarchal rule which "man" denies existed prior and before his climb to power.  

This religion arrangement is confirmed with the exception of ancient countries in Asia that back then and  now still follow the teachings of the Buddha[which I think is a black woman-another debate one day]; Hinduism[which I think is the extension of the tribes of massa in Eurasia] and then of course the pagan religions which also consists of the worship of goddess/gods.  But the distinction between those entities of God/Goddess and that of Egyptian God/Goddess is that Egyptian's ethereal principal  system included the participation of the entire civilization on a personal intimate level as opposed to caste type religion system of worship-which is why the three main religions became more appealing or readily accepted more by every day individuals. [For various reasons of power....especially the religion in which women are still enslaved.]   But unfortunately, it was during the social take over of parts of North Africa that the transformation of Egyptology  turned  christian/islam/judah emerged... full force.  The lie formulated and It couldn't be stopped.  Cuz by then the conquered under this seize had no power.  These populations couldn't prevent the three main monster slavers from usurping their spiritual, cultural and intellectual identity.  

Additionally, the black baby in the manger causes a heat debate because of the white wash of the story of Isis and Horus-the real Mary and Jesus story that every christian wants to believe.  But if a real chistian review pictures of this madonna and child fork lore over hundreds of years  in other countries, they will see the color transition of both mother and baby. [Not trying to do a paper up in here,,,,but this is another one of my fav topics to ponder].  As  a matter if you look at ancient religious artifacts from old world countries you will see dark skinned figures including the original statue of "venus" and of course various dark figurines of mother and child...especially  in  christian places like Poland, Spain etc.  And what you will see in those places? A BLACK baby...not a white one.  They know something we don't? 

Image result for madonna and child

This is why we need to teach our children extensive black history beyond the stories of the new world.  They need to know Africa front and back.  Cuz they need to be able to critically think when they are approached with something they feel not true-feel goes against logic and reasonable thinking.  They need to be able to go back to the source and point out the fallacy with confidence.  For once and for all we need to talk about this yall.  Cuz it's been nothing but LIES LIES LIES.  As why for many, thinking in these false religious uniform is not working.  You can't look a person...another human being like you...stare straight  in the eye and say you believe in God then blow his head off or chop his head off merely because he/she doesn't see the world  like you.  Cuz that it is  a LIE what you think gives you a RIGHT to take another person's life-just cuz he/she disagrees with your perception.  That's not religion.  That's politics and shows clearly what this LIE of religion has done to our world.   It has for the most part caused patriarchal man to become as violent, wild, inhumane,  and destructible as his neanderthal ancestor....whose DNA existence to this day is still here because of the rare meeting of the homo sapien [that would be US].   Our children needs to know this.  And then maybe that gap of low self-esteem will fill the void of self-awareness and give them the strength to continue the fight for the black cause and most importantly the fight to resurrect our spiritual, cultural and intellectual identity.    

BTW:  In ancient systems of spirituality in old world countries, there are an abundance of "black" artifact depicting some form of worship.  And many of these artifacts are deemed "feminine." And this is why I believe to the core of my being that they are lying about the Buddha and therefore lying about other major entities in the world's  spiritual belief dynamics.  And because of these lies man has been met with constant CIVIL unrest for hundreds of years.  Cuz the biggest lie is that religion is a free vessel for the mind to travel  and discover self. The truth is religion has been the prison for that mind and has caused it not to wander but to enslaved its soul. And without a soul?  There is no self.  I know I know too much info.  But!  

Last edited by Kocolicious

It's alright to adopt a religion if that's what one wants to do; but religion and God's not working when everything Satanic has taken over. The religious fanatics and Jesus freaks need to stfu. The people of the world are murdering everything breathing and hating Black folks so damn much, that soon, none of us will give a FUCK. We'll just turn our backs and wave our non-existing tails at all of you hating  U.G.L.Y. assholes and tell you "If you can find it, KISS it". Compliments of EVERYTHING black and WHATEVER/WHOEVER you THINK is BLACK.

Last edited by Norland

  I hear ya but for me?  It's not religion when it is not FREEDOM to think and feel how you want.  This ideology is so confusing and that is why people are KILLING and murdering each other cuz the soul is in a quandary.  What the fock? Oh so priest can commit sodomy on a baby boy or child brides are legal to marry cuz of a man-made religion that is not equal to every soul, heart and spirit  it reaches?  It should be equality in that and it is not.  As why the is reaping havoc climate wise.  Cuz there is a major imbalance.  Law in math and physics ...if there is an imbalance?  There is chaos.  What you do on one side you have to do on the other.  Otherwise chaos.  Like chaos in the body.  What happens?  Cancer.  Imbalance in humanity?  War.  There is a social  imbalance in the way this world is turning.  It is affecting the tilt.  When this happens, wild weather, earthquakes, floods-nothing to do with what is said in the bible-occurs spontaneously.  This is something that naturally results  when there is an imbalance in an equatorial situation. And those myths called curses and superstitutions have a lot to do with imbalance.  And massa knows this.  But he considers himself a massa warrior and invites the turmoil.(the neanderthal in him]  Except that when he does that to the world?  It opens up resistance.  Cuz massa?  Is a human infection.  And what does the body do with an infecrion?  Begins fighting internally.   Same thang with the Earth.  It is TIRED of massa's shyte of not respecting the the only world he lives in.

 So since everybody else has fallen under massa's hammer of violence and servititude[cuz everybody gotta work to show value].  The earth decides it's gon handle Earth did during the two plagues that wiped out damn near half of Europe's population.  Cuz why?  Infection cause an Imbalance.  Earth also did the same when India disconnected from Africa and slammed into Asia. Cuz why?  An imbalance occurred.  [I'm still researching why India has been conquered by almost nation in the both hemispheres..except the Americas. .India's has deep connections with Africa but the dynamics of that connection is kept secret and has nothing to do with slavery per se.  I'm still digging.]   So.  I believe this is the time again to STAND UP and be a VOICE.  The world's gettin ready to clean house.  Gotta let everybody know who's boss up in this bitch.  Cuz massa don't run shyte like he think he does.  He's merely a visitor.  And  Earth is gon get his ass straight once and for all.  

Cuz killings, genocides, cleansing-that's not new to massa.  Cuz massa has a history of being  murderous to his own folks.  But when he announced he was the conquer the world?  He didn't hear it when the Earth responded " You not gon conquer me..  Oh no.  Let me show you who you are focking with."  In a minute...there will be another ice age.  In a minute...there morer a minute earthquakes will be heard around the world.  Cuz Earth don't focking play.  Cuz why?  She is a woman.   Don't get it twisted.  She didn't come from man.  Man come from her.  And man can't win a fight against something that MADE him.   He's beginning to learn. that  As why today people are nervous about the climate changes.   Earth is pissed off.  Big time.  And she's not gon stop until she get  him.  Cuz she is the only thing that can kill this gozilla....this germ...antigen negative.    While she's at it?  She gonna dry up more deserts and bring more heat and weaken the world's oil supply.  Watch.  [I'm just in a writing mood today.  No more classes until next semester.  Hal. Lay. Lu. Yer.] But!   

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There's some toxic gas flying into the atmosphere right now, that's going to take these "humans" 4 something or another years/months to plug. People have been uprooted from their homes. These "people" think they can drop bombs on people, mistreat them, abuse them, terrorize them, rape them, turn them into immigrants with no place to go, without repercussions. There's a PRICE TO BE PAID for everything we do. We get away with NOTHING. Count that money White Folks. Hope it tastes good when everything else is dried and gone; maybe you can bake it in the sun if you can find the strength.  You're not the strongest peeps on the planet; that's why the Africans are here; you've forgotten, big time.

"Christianity is but stolen Kemetic / Egyptian religious philosophy and spirituality, including its rituals and beliefs, reframed in an Aryan image is the subject of the following presentation.":


KEMET (Egyptian) - (Began 4,000 BCE)

  • The Mysteries
  • The Sem, or mythical representations
  • The Ritual as the book.of resurrection
  • The sayings of Iu or Iu-em-hetep
  • Huhi the father in heaven as the eternal, a title of Atum-Ra
  • Ra, the holy spirit
  • Ra the father of Iu the Su, or son of God, with the hawk or dove as the bird of the holy spirit
  • Iu or Horus, the manifesting son of God
  • The trinity of Atum (or Osiris) the father, Horus (or Iu) the son, and Ra the holy spirit
  • Iu-Su or Iusa, the coming son of Iusaas, who was great with Iusa or Iusu
  • The ever-coming Messu or Child as Egyptian

  • Horus (or Heru), the Lord by name, as a child
  • Isis, the virgin mother of Iu, her Su or son
  • The .rst Horus as Child of the Virgin, the second as son of Ra, the father
  • The first Horus as the founder, the second as fulfiller for the father
  • The two mothers of Child-Horus, Isis and Nephthys, who were two sisters
  • Meri or Nut, the mother-heaven The outcast great mother with her seven sons
  • Isis taken by Horus in adultery with Sut
  • Apt, the crib or manger, by name as the birthplace and mother in one
  • Seb, the earth-father, as consort to the virgin Isis
  • Seb, the foster-father to Child-Horus
  • Seb, Isis and Horus, the Kamite holy trinity

Christian - (Began 200 BCE)

  • The miracles.
  • The parables.
  • The Book of Revelation.
  • The sayings of Jesus.
  • Ihuh, the father in heaven as the eternal.
  • God the Holy Ghost.
  • God, the Father of Jesus, with the dove as the bird of the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus the manifesting Son of God.
  • The Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus.
  • The Hebrew Messianic Child.
  • Child-Jesus as the Lord by name (Gospels of the Infancy).
  • Mary the virgin mother of Jesus.
  • Jesus as the Virgin's child, the Christ as son of the father.
  • Jesus as the founder, and the Christ as fulfiller for the father.
  • The two mothers of Child-Jesus, who , were sisters.
  • Mary, as Regina Cceli.
  • Mary Magdalene, with her seven devils.
  • The woman taken in adultery.
  • The manger as cradle of the Child Christ.
  • Joseph, the father on earth, as putative husband to the Virgin Mary.
  • Joseph, as foster-father to the Child
  • Jesus.
  • Joseph, Mary and Jesus, a Christian holy trinity.



KEMET (Egyptian) - (Began 4,000 BCE)

  • Seb, the builder of the house, the carpenter
  • Seb, the custodian of the mummied dead
  • Sut and Horus, the twin opponents
  • Horus, the sower, and Sut, the destroyer, in the harvest-field
  • Sut and Horus contending in the desert
  • Sut and Horus contending on the Ben Ben or pyramidion
  • Horus carried off by Sut to the summit of Mount Hetep
  • Sut and Horus contending on the mount
  • Sut undoing the good that Horus does
  • S'men, for Khemen, a title of Taht
  • S'men, who held Child-Horus in his arms as the young solar god
  • Anna or Annit (a title of Hathor), with Taht-S'men
  • The Petar or Petra by name in Egyptian as revealer to Horus
  • The house in Annu
  • The group in the house at Annu
  • Horus in Annu
  • Asar or Osiris
  • The two sisters Mertae
  • Osiris, whom Horus loved
  • Osiris perfumed for his burial
  • Osiris prays that he may be buried speedily
  • Osiris prepared for burial under the hair of Hathor-Meri
  • Osiris, who slept in the tomb at Annu
  • Osiris raised from the tomb by Horus in Annu
  • The mummy Osiris bidden to come forth by Horus
  • The Great One who does the work of washing
  • The star, as announcer for the Child Horus
  • The seven Hathors (or cows) who minister to Horus
  • Anup, the Precursor of Horus
  • Anup, the Baptizer
  • Aan, the saluter of Horus
  • Aan, a name of the divine scribe
  • Hermes, the scribe
  • Mati, the registrar
  • Taht, Shu, and black Sut
  • Nut at the pool of the Persea, or sycamore-tree, as giver of divine drink
  • Horus born in Annu, the place of bread
  • The vesture put on Horus by the Goddess Tait


Christian - (Began 200 BCE)

  • Joseph, the carpenter.
  • Joseph of Arimathea, the keeper of the Corpus Christi.
  • Satan and Jesus, the twin opponents.
  • Jesus, the sower of the good seed, and Satan, the sower of tares.
  • Satan and Jesus contending in the wilderness.
  • Satan and Jesus contending on the pinnacle.
  • Jesus spirited away by Satan into an exceeding high mountain.
  • Satan and Jesus contending on the mount.
  • Satan sowing tares by night.
  • Simeon.
  • Simeon, who took the Child-Jesus in his arms.
  • Anna, the prophetess, with Simeon.
  • Peter, the revealer to the Christ.
  • Bethany.
  • The group in the house at Bethany.
  • Jesus in Bethany.
  • Lazarus.
  • The two sisters Mary and Martha.
  • Lazarus, whom Jesus loved.
  • Jesus anointed, when the odour fills the house.
  • Jesus begs that his death may be effected quickly.
  • Jesus prepared for his burial beneath the hair of Mary.
  • Lazarus, who slept in the tomb at Bethany.
  • Lazarus raised from the tomb by Jesus in Bethany.
  • The mummy Lazarus bidden to come forth by Jesus.
  • Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.
  • The Star in the East that indicated the birthplace of Jesus.
  • The seven women who minister to Jesus.
  • John, the forerunner of Jesus the Christ.
  • John the Baptist.
  • John, the saluter of the Christ.
  • John, the divine scribe.
  • Hermas, the scribe.
  • Matthew, the clerk.
  • The three kings, or Magi.
  • The woman at the well as giver of the water.
  • Jesus born in Bethlehem, the house of bread.
  • The swaddling clothes put on the infant Jesus.






KEMET (Egyptian) - (Began 4,000 BCE)

  • Offerings made to the child by the worshipers in Annu
  • Child-Horus with the head of Ra
  • The Bull of Amenta in the place of birth
  • The ass, 1u, in the birthplace
  • The lions of the horizon attending upon Horus
  • Child-Horus emerging from the
  • Papyrus-reed
  • Horus, the ancient child
  • Horus, the gracious child
  • Horus, one of five brethren
  • Horus, the brother of Sut the betrayer
  • Amsta, the one brother of Horus in the human form
  • The two sisters of Horus
  • Horus the lad in the country and youth in town
  • Horus baptized with water by Anup
  • Horus in the tank of flame
  • Horus in his baptism becoming the beloved Son of God the Father
  • Horus the husbandman with the fan in his hand
  • Horus the Good Shepherd, with the crook upon his shoulder
  • Horus with the four followers in the Mount
  • Horus with the seven great spirits in the Mount
  • Herrut the Apap-reptile, slayer of the younglings in the egg
  • Isis commanded to take her child down into Egypt for safety
  • Horus as the typical fish
  • Horus as the fisher
  • The four fishers with Horus as founders of the kingdom
  • Sebek, the father of the fishers
  • Two fisher-brethren, Kabhsenuf and Hapi
  • Two other fisher-brethren, Amsta and Tuamutef.
  • The seven on board the bark with Horus
  • The wonderful net of the fishers
  • Horus as the lamb
  • Horus as the lion
  • Horus (Iu) as the black child
  • Horus as Ahi, the striker with the flabellum
  • Horus identified with the Tat or Cross
  • The blind Horus, in two characters, as the God and Manes
  • Horus of twelve years
  • Horus made a man of thirty years in his baptism


Christian - (Began 200 BCE)

  • Offerings and worship of the Magi.
  • Child-Jesus with the solar glory round his head.
  • The ox in the birthplace of the Child.
  • The ass in the birthplace (catacombs).
  • The lions attending the Child-Christ (pseudo-Matthew).
  • The Child-Jesus in the catacombs issuing from the Papyrus.
  • The little old Jesus in the catacombs.
  • Jesus, the child full of grace.
  • Jesus, one of five brothers.
  • Jesus, the brother of Judas the betrayer.
  • James, the human brother of Jesus.
  • The sisters of Jesus.
  • Jesus as the child in the country and youth in town.
  • Jesus baptized with water by John.
  • Jesus the baptizer with fire.
  • Jesus becoming the Son of God the Father in his baptism.
  • Christ coming with the fan in his hand.
  • Jesus the Good Shepherd, with the lamb or kid upon his shoulder.
  • Jesus with the four disciples in the Mount.
  • Jesus with the seven spirits in the Mount (Rev.).
  • Herod, the murderer of the innocents.
  • Mary warned to take her Child down into Egypt for safety.
  • Jesus as Ichthus the fish.
  • Jesus as the fisher.
  • The four fishers with Jesus as founders of the kingdom.
  • Zebedee, the father of the fishers.
  • Two fisher-brethren, Simon and Andrew.
  • Two other fisher-brethren, James and John.
  • The seven fishers on board the bark with Jesus.
  • The miraculous draught of fishes in the net.
  • Jesus as the lamb.
  • Jesus as a lion.
  • Jesus as the little black bambino.
  • Jesus wielding the scourge of cords as the striker.
  • Jesus identified with the Cross.
  • The two blind men of the Gospels.
  • Jesus of twelve years.
  • Jesus, the man of thirty years in his baptism.


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