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Charges, Conspiracy, COINTELPRO and Malachi York
Posted 03-19-06

A conversation with Malik Zulu Shabazz

Recently, Dr. Malachi Z. York, founder of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors and a federal prisoner, serving a 135 year sentence handed down in 2004 for child molestation and racketeering charges, was moved to the U.S. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colorado. The detention center is also known as "Supermax" or the "Alcatraz of the Rockies." - housing what are described as the "most dangerous prisoners in need of the tightest control."

York supporters maintain his innocence and that the allegations, trial and imprisonment were part of a governmental conspiracy in which an innocent man was framed. Malik Zulu Shabazz (MZS), head of the New Black Panther Party and an attorney and advocate for a number of political prisoners, had to postpone a visit to the Florence facility last week due to the "red tape and bureaucracy" he says he and even York's legal team encounter in attempts to see the detained religious leader. He spoke with (AFC) about the importance of keeping York's case in the public eye as well as the plight of other political prisoners.

(AFC) - What was the reason for Dr. York's transfer?
(MZS) - In my opinion, it's continuing harassment and an effort to prevent his legal counsel from having adequate access to him as well as those who love him.

(AFC) - What is the status of the appeal that has been filed?
(MZS) - Robert Bryan from San Francisco, California, he is the attorney that got Mumia Abu Jamal an appeal - he is working on [York's] appeal to the Supreme Court.

(AFC) - Your response to those who have thrown Dr. York in the trash, saying he's guilty, he got what he deserved, etc. What is the importance of keeping this case in the forefront?
(MZS) - It's important because Malachi York has made great contributions to our people and he has been a dedicated teacher and organizer and helped turn around many lives in his lifetime. I don't believe our enemy has the moral authority to cast judgment, incarcerate and imprison [him]. If [he] is to be judged at all, it can only be by the Black Nation and not by our unrighteous enemy.

We must understand that this case involves conspiracy, the continuation of the Counter Intelligence Program [COINTELPRO] by outside forces manipulating divisions in the Nuwaubian Nation and many of those who testified against York, their credibility is highly questionable. Many were outright coerced and others were part of the system of vindictiveness because of organizational strife.... You can't just look at the surface and say [he] must be guilty until you understand all the circumstances surrounding the case. How the government, FBI and sheriffs in that [Georgia] county were absolutely out to get him, agents were in his organization, some turned on him in his organization. In the beginning, his legal defense was not handled adequately.

The White man is not after York because of some alleged acts of tax evasion and child molestation, they're after him because he has been a consistent organizer and teacher of our people and he has influence.

(AFC) - Once anyone is charged with sexual abuse, it is almost impossible to wipe clean because, even if a person is innocent there will always be a question of doubt to some. Is Dr. York maintaining his innocence on all charges that were brought against him?
(MZS) - Yes. The bottom line is, [he] deserves a new trial and if he gets one the whole world can see and gauge the allegations for themselves. His trial was infected by racism as well as ineffective legal defense, prosecutorial misconduct, coercion. Many of the witnesses who testified at first, have recanted, said they did it out of anger, they were angry at him for some reason.

(AFC) - They were coerced into reversing their position?
(MZS) - No, they voluntarily reversed their positions. They participated with the government at an initial level but much of it may have had to do with personal reasons other than what actually happened. Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned - know what I mean?

Also, York is seeking to be extradited or repatriated to Liberia. He obtained Liberian citizenship in 1999 and currently there is some talk/negotiation on repatriating him to Liberia. That's another aspect to think about it. It's being worked on.

(AFC) - Any other little known things that should be put out?
(MZS) - Must free all political prisoners. York is a political prisoner. Jamil Al Amin, Assata Shakur in exile, Mumia Abu Jamal, Russell Schultz, Sundiata Acoli.... Leonard Peltier. What's happening to Muslims all over the world has long been happening to us, we've always had Guantanamo Bays and been affected by an attack on our politics and being made political prisoners so this is a problem that should be of top concern to Black people, Black leadership and anybody who believes in human rights.

(AFC) - Was there a lot of momentum that came out of the Millions More Movement, since the plight of political prisoners was one of the items on the agenda?
(MZS) - I'm continuing to work that post, it's part of my work with York. I also work with Brother Eddie Conway, a Black Panther who got life in prison since 1970 for allegedly killing a police officer. He's a serious worker for and lover of our people, and I'm helping him and others right now. What we're trying to do is unify the political prisoner movement - unify it, nationalize, and internationalize it.

(AFC) - Do you maintain any contact with Assata Shakur in Cuba?
(MZS) - I should have some very good info on that very soon. That's all I can say. I'm scheduled to travel abroad with Minister Louis Farrakhan [this week].

(AFC) - Thank you.

- Adeeba Folami -
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I am not familiar enough with the Dr. York case to say whether or not his trial was fair. However, I do understand that quite often in the history of this nation, the courts are given "under the table" amicus curiae briefs which help the form it's disposition against groups of blacks seeking to declare independence, or the objective to seperate from this country.

I am not surprised to see the Nuwabian leader attacked, and removed like he was..Despite what those who have formed opinins based on news report think, the real reason they wanted this brother taen out is because he was leading a community of blacks seeking independence, and he was teaching them a few things that the enemy does not want our people to know.

Also, Malik zulu Shabazz is growing into a position of leadership in the grass roots section of the black community. Brother is a lawyer...It will harder to remove him..

Malik Zulu Shabazz must be careful to keep his moral deck in order...because as he grows closer to Minister Farrakhan, and the Millions More Movement, the attacks against him will increase.

thanks kai.

the following article appeared in the 03-23 denver weekly news:

Religious Leader Transferred to Supermax

Dr. Malachi York, founder of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors (UNN), was convicted, in 2004, of child molestation and racketeering stemming from acts alleged to have taken place near Eatonton Georgia where the UNN was headquartered on 476 acres of land which they owned. York received a 135-year sentence on the charges and was recently transferred from the U.S. Penitentiary (USP) in Marion, Illinois to the USP Administrative Maximum facility (ADX) located in Florence, Colorado.

Krista Rear, ADX spokesperson, confirmed that the religious leader arrived Mar. 2 imprisoned under the name Dwight D. York. His supporters, and advocates like Malik Zulu Shabazz, head of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), maintain that the UNN leader was framed and is the victim of a government plot.

"We must understand that this case involves conspiracy and the continuation of the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) by outside forces manipulating divisions in the Nuwaubian nation," he explained in a phone interview last week after postponing a trip to the state to consult with York. Also an attorney based out of Washington, D.C., Shabazz said red tape and bureaucracy from ADX prevented him from traveling to Florence at the time he desired to. Rear explained that an inmate's counsel have to be approved by the facility's legal department before being allowed to visit their client. Additionally, the only other visitors permitted are the immediate family members of those behind bars.

Shabazz considers York to be a political prisoner in the same category as Jamil Al Amin, Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu Jamal and he noted that the attorney handling Jamal's appeal is also working to secure a new trial for the UNN leader. The NBPP leader cited a number of reasons the case should be retried and said the original process was tainted by racism, inadequate legal defense, prosecutorial misconduct and coercion. Also, court records show that the key witness against York reversed her story and admitted she had committed perjury and was never molested by the now-60 year old man.

The Egyptian themed community York raised in Georgia stood for more than 30 years before community members were forced to vacate the land when the government seized it after York's conviction and sentencing. Once like a king in his own domain, he is now one of nearly 400 prisoners described as "most violent, disruptive and escape prone," in the Florence "Supermax," the most secure of U.S. federal prisons, which was built in 1994, costing nearly $60 million.

Depending on what unit York is in - information Rear could not divulge - he is confined to his cell the majority of each day and given from thirty minutes to two hours daily for exercise. Rear was unaware of any other inmates who were in the facility due to child molestation convictions which seem out of place in comparison to current or previous offenders housed there, including: "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski; Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, both convicted in the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy; Larry Hoover, leader of the Gangster Disciples and Earnest Ujaama who was found guilty of developing an Al-Qaeda camp. Others are serving time for bombings of embassies or the World Trade Center; airline hijackings; robbery; murder; kidnapping, and a number of criminal Skinheads and neo-Nazi leaders are also on ADX's list.

Bryan could not be reached for comment on the status of York's appeal but Shabazz, who is currently traveling abroad with Minister Louis Farrakhan, firmly stated his intent to visit with York after returning to the country. He also plans to continue his work advocating on behalf of other political prisoners.

Members of York's community are equally committed and have consistently worked to spread information in a series of "Let the Truth Be Told" pamphlets published by the UNN. In them, little known facts are revealed which they believe spotlight many injustices and legal inequities that should have been reason for dismissal of all charges against their leader.

"This case should have never gone to trial. It was a clear case of modern day lynching brought by the government to eliminate another progressive, promising and positive African American movement," a pamphlet reads. A chronology of case activity can be found on the group's website:

- Adeeba Folami -

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