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ATTENTION!!!!! Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee, the richest man in the Congress, is a racist asshole with a record of repeated criminal offenses. He is the worst person to head this committee or hold... the hearings into Benghazi tragedy and the IRS affair. You need to be aware of who and what this guy is. Read "A California Thug In The People's House: Why Darrell Issa is a Menace to America" at More
ATTENTION!!!!!   Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee, the richest man in the Congress, is a racist asshole with a record of repeated criminal offenses.  He is the worst person to head this committee or h...old the hearings into Benghazi tragedy and the IRS affair.  You need to be aware of who and what this guy is.  Read "A California Thug In The People's House: Why Darrell Issa is a Menace to America" at More
Photo: ATTENTION!!!!! Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee, the richest man in the Congress, is a racist asshole with a record of repeated criminal offenses. He is the worst person to head this committee or hold the hearings into Benghazi tragedy and the IRS affair. You need to be aware of who and what this guy is. Read "A California Thug In The People's House: Why Darrell Issa is a Menace to America" at
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A California Thug in the People’s House!

<small>Posted in Playthell on politics with tags , , , ,   on May 24, 2013 by playthell</small>
Dayrl Issa
Thug Life: Yo you talkin to me?

 Daryll Issa is a Menace to America

Why wasn’t I surprised to discover that before he became a Congressman Daryll Issa was a car thief, a liar and a repeat offender?   Because he is still a liar, a bully and runs his committee like a gangster.  The way he conducts his committee is so outrageous that Attorney General Eric Holder, a mild mannered gentleman not given to hyperbole, called his behavior “shameful” to his face.  And he is still a thief; now he is trying to steal the last election by misusing the investigative powers of his committee to nullify the Democratic victory by tying up key components of the government in an attempt to make it impossible for President Obama to govern; to do the job the people elected him twice to do.

Instead Issa is engaging in a transparent attempt to create an atmosphere of hysteria designed to produce the preconditions for the impeachment of the President on bogus charges.  Hence I am not surprised that he has a criminal past because he has a criminal mind.  In essence he is still a liar and a thug.

When you look at the nature of his crimes they clearly denote basic issues of character that are not easily overcome.  For instance it was brought to our attention by Martin Bashir – A transplanted broadcast journalist on MSNBC who brings a nose for scandal among the high and mighty typical of the British press – that Issa has a vocal accuser who is not shy about going on the record.

Jay Bergey, who was in the same army troop with Issa, says his most enduring memory of Congressman Issa was when Issa stole his yellow Dodge Charger during December 1971.  When he heard through the grape vine that Issa was the thief he says “I confronted Issa, I got in his face and threatened to kill him, and magically my car reappeared the next day abandoned on the turnpike.”

Three months later, on March 15, 1972, after mustering out of the army Issa and his older brother was arrested in Ohio and charged with stealing a red Maserati from the showroom of a car dealership in Cleveland.  However since Issa was a veteran and had enrolled in college before the case came to trial, a sympathetic judge dismissed the case.  And he did so despite the fact that Issa, a habitual offender, was arrested on an illegal gun possession charge while the Maserati case was still pending.  On December 1, nine months after the Maserati bust, Issa was pulled over by police in Adrian Ohio who discovered a 25 caliber automatic pistol, a box of ammo and a tear gas gun with cartridges for it.

In court Issa argued that he was carrying weapons to protect his car and defend himself.  He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, but pleaded to the lesser charge of possession of a unregistered gun, paid a small fine and was sentenced to six months’ probation.  There is a familiar scenario here, Issa got “the white boy pass;” which means that he was allowed to walk for a violation that many young black men have been sent to jail for!

This is this kind of white male privilege that contributes to the arrogance of white boys like Mitt Romney, who was allowed to get away with things that Barack Obama would have been crucified in the press for; things such as refusing to disclose tax returns or making the dealings of his Cayman Island bank accounts and dummy corporations in Bermuda public.  And if Barack had ever been a member of the Nation of Islam, the press would have allowed us to forget it…not to mention if he were still an unapologetic Minister when he ran for President.

Yet mum was the word on Mitt’s religion despite the fact that Mormon theology regarding black people is a mirror image of the Black Muslim theology on whites: Mormons preached that blacks were spawns of the devil and the NOI preaches that whites are the devil!  Looks like six on the one hand and a half dozen on the other to me.

This vast disparity was apparent to all careful observers, and the decision to give Mitt a pass on this when nobody in black American believes that they would have remained silent if the shoe was on the other foot, contributes to an almost paranoid attitude about the intention of the “white media” regarding Afro-Americans.  Which is why the press Prima Donnas who are wailing like banshees, because they were investigated by the US Attorney General, is finding little sympathy in the black community.

The major media has been even worse in their reporting of Issa’s criminal past.  The watch dog organization Media Matters has studied the coverage of this man who heads one of the most powerful committees in Congress and they report that “In 11 interviews since Election Day, no network or cable anchor has asked Issa about the allegations against him.  Their study covered the period from November 3, 2010 to   January 201l.

In print publications during the same period Media Matters examined 15 articles that dealt with Issa in major journalistic publications and only one even mentions his criminal past! Among the publications examined were: The Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, et al.   Does anybody believe that if Congressman Cummings, a black Democrat from Baltimore who serves on Issa’s Committee, had such a criminal record everybody wouldn’t know about it?

Darryl Issa is one of the worst politicians to ever chair a Congressional Committee, and given the collection of charlatans, scoundrels, fools, thieves, slave masters and Indian killers who have sat in that chamber this is no picayune charge.  He is a shameless hypocrite and malicious thug who consistently places his party’s interests over the national interests.  The hearings Issa is presently holding on the Benghazi killings is nothing more than vulgar exploitation of a national tragedy to gain a partisan political advantage.

His fained outrage over the misuse of the investigative powers of the IRS is a transparent sham; for he was silent as a lamb when the IRS employed those very same powers in a malicious attempt to intimidate the NAACP into silence on George Bush’s invasion Iraq.  That’s why Julian Bond, the former President of the NAACP and legendary activist for justice in the US, has come out strongly in support of the IRS action.

Although a dear friend who is also abrilliant and  indefatigable tutor in matters of tax law thinks the IRS Director of Exempt Organizations  Lori Lerner, who took the Fifth at Congressman Issa’s hearing, should be jailed for her actions at the IRS; I am persuaded by the Arguments of Lawrence O’Donnel – a journalist, Harvard trained lawyer and former Congressional staffer who was tasked with interpreting IRS regulations in drafting legislation – and Eleanor Holmes Norton, a long time Washington lawyer and member of congress representing the District of Columbia.

Both of these observers feel the IRS was fulfilling the law, and that a regulation added by unelected government bureaucrats cannot trump the basic statute.  This is a matter that will be passionately debated and obviously I am not qualified to resolve this growing legal dispute, but I am one heart with them in this matter.

Hence I think Ms. Lerner treated Devious Daryll exactly the way he deserves to be treated: Like a verbose asshole who is unworthy of his exalted position and does not deserve a serious commitment of her time and effort.  In a terse statement she said:” “I have not done anything wrong; I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations, and I have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee.”

Let him hear what she has to say in court, since he has already decided she is guilty.  This half-baked hustler from Cali apparently does not even understand the Constitution that he is constantly citing. His response to her decision to invoke her constitutional rights under the Fifth Amendment is scandalous; a real scandal, not the fake scandal lust the Republicans are perpetually promoting.  But sham and deceit have long been favored tactics of Daryll Issa.

A Malignant Cancer in Congress preventing the ability to govern
The harm this clown is doing could injure millions of Americans

The Much Maligned IRS


 Issa met his match in Lori Lehrer

Issa was also investigated for suspicion of setting a fire in the warehouse of his own company in order to collect the insurance money.  He became a suspect when a secretary told investigators that all the blueprints and other documents necessary to resume the company’s business were mysteriously move to a vault in another location before the fire, and he greatly increase his insurance coverage.

And the fact that the inflammable substance that started the fire was poured in the one area of the building that was not covered by the sprinkler system led investigators to conclude that the fire was started by somebody who knew the design of the building.  All these factors made Issa a logical suspect in the arson but they never managed to tie the fire to him. Once again the rascal slipped away unscathed, and all the richer for it.

Issa began his involvement in politics as a lobbyist for business interest, and he was a supporter of reactionary pro-corporate Republican polices from the outset.  In a long and revealing article by Ryan Lizza in the New Yorker, we are told:

In 1994, according to one version of Issa’s official biography, he “received Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.” He began to work with consumer-electronics trade associations, made trips to Washington to lobby for the industry, and started to get involved in politics. In an increasingly Democratic state, he soon became one of the biggest donors to Republicans. He helped fund Proposition 209, a 1996 ballot initiative that would ban affirmative action in public institutions. It passed with fifty-five per cent of the vote. He helped bring the Republican Convention to San Diego in 1996 and got to know the Party leaders. “It was an evolution of involvement,” Issa told me.”

Alas this moral chameleon and deluded egotist, who seems devoid of shame or compassion that now chairs the powerful HouseCommittee on Oversight and Government Reform, which the rules of the House says “may at any time conduct investigations of any matter.”  This means that Issa has the power to subpoena anyone. The result is the fiasco we see now.   These bullshit sideshows posing as serious Congressional hearings would have embarrassed the architects of the US Constitution.  Although many of them were just as morally depraved as Issa, they at least understood the need to govern, and that governing is a serious business!

However the Issa clown show, a tragi-comic farce directed by a poot-butt pretender posing as the guardian of American democracy, will go on because the Obama administration has offended the pompous, prissy Prima Donnas of the press, who in their unbridled egotism and self-importance think their right to scoop the competition, even if it imperils the lives of American operatives trying to prevent another 9-11, should be defended at all cost.

So while they are whining about being investigated, right-wing nuts are doing their best to bring the machinery of government to a halt, makes them de-facto enablers of the cretins like Darrell Issa.  It is no wonder that when Issa  got out of the service he went into business and got rich selling alarms to foil car thieves….it takes one to know one.


Playthell G. Benjamin

Harlem, New York

May 23, 2013










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