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Just finished watching the debate on the Fox News Network and I did enjoy it. It was a bit embarrasing to hear all of the shouting in the audience. I just can't believe the disrespect that was shown tonight. It was sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus on the campus of Morgan University I believe.

Howard Dean is right on target with my beliefs. He's so smart. Nothing against the other candidates because they all made very valid points.

I agree with Howard Dean's stand on the Israeli/Palastinian conflict. I think we have been part of the problem.

I agree with Dean's view that this election for the American people will be about jobs and how to create them. I think that our foreign policy is the root to many of our problems. We have to deal with that now although there are many other problems. Dean seems to be focused on that message and making changes to our foreign policy.

Our foreign policy impacts:

Peace in the middle east

Globalization of our economy-major cause of job loss

Terrorism in the US- fueled by anti-americanism

Yes education and medical insurance is important but we need to get our international affairs in order first. If not, then everything else will suffer.

I also liked the comment he made about being willing to talk to white people about black people instead of just talking to black people about black people.

Everyone may not agree with Dean and that's okay but I like him.

I did enjoy hearing Carol Braun, Sharpton and Edwards speak.
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I watched the debate last night too! My first impression is simply ... interesting!!

From it I was able to determine that I definitely would not vote for Lieberman, Gephardt or Mosely-Braun. Liberman & Gephardt for obvious reasons Razz but Mosely-Braun because, for me, she just isn't forceful enough in her policies to be president of this country. Her convictions are fine, and her ideas very good, but she seems, well, too motherly!! Not enough bulldog in her to do the job! And we will need somebody with some of that in order to fix the problems that Bush has created ... let alone to move us forward in the right direction with other issues!

I found Kucinich and Edwards to be wonderfully and refreshingly honest ... especially Kucinich. I will look at him a little more closely for that reason, as I hadn't even really given him a thought before. And Edwards, too, will get points from me for being willing to say things that the others wouldn't.

On the whole, as with all politicians, I was very disappointed on the inability of all of them at one time or another to answer the specific questions asked of them. Some of the Bush-bashing time could have been more dedicated to giving more direct answers. It seems to me that Kerry is about the only one who has probably sat down and developed specific plans to address specific problems. But he didn't bother to bring them to the fore in the debate, so that's still somewhat speculation!!

Mr. Sharpton was colorful and correct as usual!! I like him a lot ... though he has not yet dispelled the reservations I have about him in regards to being our next president! But, he still has the opportunity to do so, so I won't write him off just yet!

And I still like Howard Dean. I wouldn't call him my front-runner yet, but he's very close to the top of the list. He just seems to have a lot of the right answers. I especially agree with him on the Isreali-Palestine issue. He was dead-on on that one, and I was impressed with him by that.

Black by Nature, Proud by Choice.

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