Today I (as a company) landed a contract to transcribe some of the Congressional/political hearings seen on C-SPAN!! My fingers are about to fly!! Big Grin


It's something I've been gearing up for since the first of the year, but didn't get the courage to go after until a couple of weeks ago!

I'm also hoping to receive a notice to submit an application and bid to type some of the oral histories of African Americans for the Library of Congress!! So y'all cross your fingers (and a couple of toes) for me!! I think I'd 'bout pass out if I got that one too! Smile
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Thanks, er'body!! I am soooo excited! Big Grin Big Grin

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That's fantastic. Tell us a bit about your services. What do you do? How did you get into this business? appl

Well, in one of my other lives, I decided I was going to be a court reporter ... which is someone who takes down legal and court proceedings on a steno (shorthand) machine at about 220 words per minute. Well, 4 1/2 years, 200 words and $40,000+ in student loans later, the school went belly up, the next closest school was 50 miles away, my equipment went in the closet and I went back to work! Frown

A little over three years ago, I decided that was too much money being shifted from one side of my closet to the other, so, I started using it to do transcription, as a side business, mostly legal stuff through attorneys I knew, but I found that to be tedious and boring. So, I formed a company, started pursuing other types of businesses, and now I more or less pick and choose what I type and who I type for.

I'm basically a one-woman workforce, however, when I get major projects I will hire typists to help me (I like to use court reporting students trying to work their way through school! Smile) I like interesting stuff like book manuscripts, conventions for organizations that interest me, tele/video conferences, large volumous projects. As a minority owned/women owned business, I sometimes do contracts with the gubment ... some of their useless manuals and the like! Wink

Basically, I take any type of audio recording and turn it into words... tapes, CD, video, DVD, Internet recordings, telephonic, whatever! I keep bouncing around the idea of turning into a full-fledged business (leasing office space and hiring a couple of typists) but, I honestly don't know if I really want to work that hard! Razz I like what I'm doing right now and my schedule is my own. And with my laptop and my foot pedal, I can do it anywhere I want to! Big Grin So, we'll see!

But, thanks again for all the well wishes! eyes

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