The U.S. Department of Education is soliciting experts to serve as peer reviewers for the FY 2002 Community Technology Centers (CTC) Program. The Federal Register Notice was published on June 4th and the application deadline is July 19th. There will be added emphasis this year upon (a) expanded access to technology, (b) measurable objectives, (c) defined learner outcomes and specific progress data, (d) evidenced-based practices, and (e) program impact information. The Department expects to award 75-80 grants totaling $15 million. The grant awards will be for 12 months.

Experienced professionals should be knowledgeable about some combination of the following:
community based organizations, such as boys and girls clubs, YMCA/YWCAs and faith-based programs, and be familiar with the principles of education and instructional technology; familiarity with strategies for establishing and expanding community technology centers; the use and integration of technology as a learning tool in adult, preschool, elementary or secondary education programs.

Other field reader selection considerations will include an applicant's understanding of the principals of adult learning programs as they relate to assessment, curriculum, instruction, and research and evaluation. Knowledge and/or experience with the use of technology as a management resource for community development and outreach would be beneficial. Please share this information with friends and colleagues you feel are qualified and interested.

Interested persons should forward a resume to: along with a short cover note. To learn more about the program, you may view the application package online at:

For further details, please contact Will Saunders via email at
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