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Most of us will experience the sensation of feeling energized by wearing our favorite colour, soothed by gazing at blue water or uplifted by the sight of lush green grass.

The influence of colour over our mind, body, spirit and emotions provides the basis for colour healing. We experience colour when light is refracted through, or reflected by, an object at a certain frequency or wavelength.

Scientists believe that we each experience colour according to our own individual physical and psychological make-up -- what one person sees as bright red might be seen by another as, say, orange.

In colour therapy, practitioners believe that our experience of colour is a direct reflection of our state of health. This being the case, they then use colour to correct any imbalances in our well-being.

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Colour affects everyone at an unconscious level, that is, below the awareness of normal everyday thought.

So politicians, businesses and advertisers have learned to manipulate the desired response by using the language of colour.

Careful use of colour can bypass the viewer's ability to discriminate or make instant critical judgments.
Part 3

Each colour has a set of clearly defined influences and meanings, which can be invaluable in understanding the world around us and our behavior patterns.

These qualities can also be used to create particular impressions on others. A desired image or a subtle message can be sent with colour much more effectively than with words.

Put Yellow In Your Life When There Ts. . .

. confusion and indecision
. fear and anxiety caused by unknown factors leading to nervous and digestive disorders
. a weak and confused immune system - frequent minor illnesses, intolerances and allergies to foods and other substances.

. nervous exhaustion, nervous breakdown, 'burn out', panic attacks, hot flushes
. poor memory, inability to concentrate or study
. tendency to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or lethargy and depression in dull weather
. Digestive difficulties, malabsorption of food.
GREEN. . .

Put Green In Your Life When There Is. . .

. a feeling of restriction caused by circumstances such as being housebound or confined

. a need to let change happen, but also a fear of the unknown

. a feeling of being trapped by other people's rules and regulations and a need to break rigid patterns

. a need for new ideas

. a need for a new state of balance

. a problem with personal relationships, especially with over-dominance or subservience

. a negative green tendency - feelings and emotions like envy, jealousy and greed
BLUE. . .

Put Blue In Your Life When There Is. . .

. a need to calm agitated, excitable, or chaotic states

. a need to communicate clearly

. a need for help with new information or in seeing information in context

. a need for peace, detachment, solitude and rest

Put Indigo In Your Life When There Is. . .

. a need to focus on personal issues, beliefs and ideas

. a need to develop sensitivity to the inner senses and intuition

. a need to cool and quieten normal mental processes

. a need to relieve physical, mental and emotional pain

. inability or difficulty in assimilating and understanding new concepts or philosophies

. a need for temporary relief and removal from everyday problems and difficult experiences in life

. a need for space and a desire for a period of solitude

Put Violet In Your Life When There Is . . .

. a need to rebalance life

. a need to speed up the natural healing energy of the body

. a need to use the imagination in practical ways

. a need to integrate new skills into everyday life

. a need to remove all sorts of obstacles in life

. a need to calm hyperactivity, or energize lethargy or depression.

Put Orange In Your Life When There Is. . .

. a feeling of bleakness and boredom, particularly where there is a sense that time is really dragging

. a lack of interest in what is going on around you, even to the degree of disdaining to become involved in any way

. a resentment of changes in familiar routines and an obsessive need to have things in their 'proper' place

. over-seriousness - taking oneself too seriously, being unable to see humour and playfulness in life

. a fear of experiencing pleasure though the senses and of enjoying sensuality

. an inability to let go of the past. This can be especially apparent after an accident or shock where the mind continually revolves around the issues involved - the 'what if..' and 'if only I had done this instead of that..'.

. a problem with blocked experiences in life, such as a decrease in personal creativity

Black is the energy of gestation and of preparation. Black has often been associated with the energies of the earth and the fertile soil. The rich earth from which all life and sustenance springs is the same earth where the dead are placed.

White is the energy of completion, an expanse outwards. White is uncompromising. Everything is clear, open and explicitly manifest. It has a cold quality. White can be of use when clarity is needed in life.

But it can also take on a hint of t the other colours around it and so acts like a mirror to the energies that are in proximity. This can make it a rather uncomfortable colour for those who do not wish to have their hidden feelings reflected back to them.

In a way, both white and black reflect the particular beliefs of the individual. White can be seen negatively as blankness, and positively as a clean slate, offering a new beginning.

In times of fear and uncertainty, black is a threatening unknown, a silence in which our own terror and nightmares can be amplified. But at other times, black may simply be experienced as a restful emptiness that allows many different possibilities to emerge and disappear again.

When working at a computer use a yellow mouse mat to improve your concentration and stay alert.


If you want to come across as a bold and dynamic person, wear a read scarf or tie. This is especially effective if you have an event coming up at which your confidence needs a boost, such as an interview or a presentation. You might also find this useful for a social occasion when you feel nervous about some new people.


When there is a sense of thwarted ambition, restriction or being trapped by external circumstances, surround yourself with greens, or taking a walk in green gardens will restore equilibrium.


Blue will help the easy flow of communication whether it is with other people or listening to your own thoughts and feelings. To help remember a speech, write your notes on blue paper.


To find peace for reflection, look up at the clear night sky. Contemplation and deep meditation come easier in the indigo depths of night. Night time is often when inspirations and solutions to problems naturally arise


Lavender is a traditional remedy for insomnia or restlessness at night. It is also one of the most versatile essential oils for scratches, burns, headaches and worry. Dried lavender flowers beside the bed, or a drop of oil on the pillow, will encourage peaceful sleep.


In times of stress, or after a shock or a surprise, wearing shades of orange can help the body to return to a state of balance.


If you want to become inconspicuous, consider dressing in black. Black can be inconspicuous, or it can make a bold statement of mystery and self-control. Black clothes often say: 'notice my presence but don't intrude into my space'.


White has the ability to clear away all clutter, all extraneous noise. Fresh starts and new beginnings all benefit from its energy. Looking at a picture of snow-clad mountains brings clarity and freshness to a mind that feels crowded.

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