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This is a very interesting commentary on the education and computer industry.

Since everyone can have computers at home now why can't we just tell people the books that are good to learn from? We gotta make people come to school to pay for credentials from people that can't teach.

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What a concept! Hiring folks based on what THEY CAN DO as opposed to WHO THEY KNOW or solely because of WHAT PAPER they have. 1

{my sort of sarcastic, sort of serious conspiracy theory}
There is always going to be a certain strata of folks who can't afford college for one reason or another. How would it look if they were told which books to go pick up at B&N or check out from the library and they actually did it? Man, then they'd learn what "we" know. If we actually hired folks based on them demonstrating competency instead of just having a degree, how would I keep out those undesirables who read those books? They'd learn how to do stuff and actually prove that they are NOT stupid . . . just couldn't afford college. Then what excuse would we have for not hiring "them"?
{/my sort of sarcastic, sort of serious conspiracy theory}

By no means am I a programmer (failed out of Pascal acutally), but it's still priceless to see the look on some attorney's face when they find out that it's MY little round, brown face that was on the other end of the line fixing their PC. Tee Hee. PRICELESS!! 1

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