Are they going to renew/incorporate images of President Obama & family (from President-elect until now) in order to refresh/update the piece with previous interviews since Nov.4th and conduct current interviews with usn's, da happy Black folk?? bang dance bang

I guess "Solahag' O'Brian will be the narrator. Roll Eyes

CNN: Bitches. td6
I will not be watching it. After watching it twice before, and after coming to the conclusion that in the end this documentary only winds up serving a propaganda piece that implies all the same old stereo-types of Black/African American people.

It was not indebt enough to cover the vastness of African Americans' cultures, mind-sets, belief systems, intellectual spectrums, political views, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.

I really have the distinct impression that Soledad, however well meaning, has never been around many African Americans and her work on this subject shows that she is merely working from previously implied racial premises about Black/African American people, where it always starts with the negative stereo-types, leaves out the positives, which in it self implies that there is only or only predominately the negative (stereo-type).

I really do not see what purpose it serves to keep feeding media audiences with these same old racial stereo-types, which have NEVER been true for all of us. ---One example I get tired of seeing in media footage is this ridiculous notion of the "The Black Middle Class" being a new or recent phenomenon in America; therefore, of course, when they want to do a documentary, etc., on Black America, they make a bee-line to the poorest ghettos in America (as if ALL 40Million of us could actually fit inside the ghettos of America in the first place) and usually leave completely out of the documentary, etc., middle class/working class African Americans, or make sure that if it is included, it is only a minute portions of the entire piece or is factored in as if it is a strange occurrence.

Instances like this always leave me with the belief that it is just as much African Americans that perpetuate the stereo-types of African Americans (in the course of trying to make a buck or a name for themselves), as it is America's racists.

Diane Sawyer did a documentary on Appalachia the other night (I think it was a re-run) showing the white people in America living in the most horrific conditions, all strung out on drugs, living generational on welfare, lacking often the most basic educational. What keeps this documentary from stereo-typing ALL white people in American into that single image is the fact that rarely do they do pieces on the most negative side of white America, and the fact that there are always countless pieces, information, news, media of all kinds, of covering middle class/working class, rich, and wealth white Americans.

I guess what I'm really saying is, that if you want to do a documentary on being Black in American, tell the WHOLE story, don't do it from a premise that we all or almost all live in the same place, have the same income, the same educational level, have the same reasons for the negative in our lives etc., etc.

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