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Clearing Clutter making space for the new

Clearing clutter is a very powerful form of shifting energy in your environment. The most powerful start to transform all energies in line with Feng Shui.

Clutter creates the energy of disorganisation and blocks the flow of energy in any sector of your life.

Also known as Spring Cleaning your life, clearing clutter will provide immediate results that you can feel, see and experience on many levels of your being. Every part of our existence is alive with energy called Chi in Feng Shui.

Our furniture, books, clothes, shoes, paperwork, dishes and ornaments are alive with energy. When all these items are gathered together in disorganisation it creates a blocked energy, where it is unable to breathe and vibrate positively.

All the items in our house or office will carry a very important message for you, so be sure to be fully connected to the process of clearing clutter out of your life. The benefits will be astounding.

Are you hanging onto your past with the clutter gathered in your home? The aim with clearing clutter, is to empower yourself in a positive, loving and caring energy. Once this is active in your environment, your inner life corresponds and goes about attracting more of the good into your life.

There are only 3 questions to ask yourself throughout the process of clearing clutter from your life.

1. Do I use it and need in my life?

2. Do I love it and want it to remain?

3. Am I finished with this, and is there someone else who could benefit from it?

Sort your items into 3 boxes aligned with the above 3 questions. For any item that you are not sure, indicates a deeper internal process is required, relating to the energy it carries.

Put it into a pile on its own to work through at a later time. It could have sentimental value. Usually old energy stagnating around you, calling for attention to be shifted.

Places to start would be your desk, clearing all the papers you are not currently using. Move to your files and cabinets. All your files should store only necessary documents required for the future.

Your clothes cupboard is often piled with items that are either too big or small or out of fashion. Let go of it! Welcome in the new. Go through each cupboard and draw in your house, office and even car.

Bathrooms and kitchens are often filled with half empty containers. Why? Finish it up and throw it out. The energy will shift and make a huge difference. It will look and feel better around you.

Start immediately. Take on the 'clear clutter consciousness' and ask yourself the 3 questions whenever you bring new items into your environment.

Many people tend to accumulate things they don't really need. Trust that when you need something in your life, it will arrive so there is no need to hoard cluttering items.

Clear out the old and make way for the new! Clear out the mind and experience peace and tranquility! Clear out the emotions and experience a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.
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Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway)

Feng Shui is an ancient science that goes back at least 3,500 years. The practice of Feng Shui has its roots in the Chinese way of viewing the universe, where all things on the earth are categorized into the five basic elements (fire, metal, earth, wood, water) and take on the implications of positive or negative energy.

By tapping into the compass directions you can activate a well-balanced energy flow through your house, business and life in general, releasing negative, stagnant energies.

Potential benefits: better sleep, increased motivation, improved health, new or improved career, growing business, harmonious relationships, fame & respect, love and romance, more relaxation, stimulating social life.

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