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Originally posted by MBM:
Well thought out - if you're going to do it, do it right! brosmile

A fat wallet and a fat waistline or a thin wallet and a thin waistline?

Since weight on men is a plus IMO(As long as it isn't obesity)...A fat waiste line and a fat pocket.

For me on the other hand...A thin waiste line and a thin wallet...My waiste line might as well match my wallet size! winkgrin
Would you rather be King (Queen) or King (Queen)-maker? - Question

I'm already a king so I'll try queen for a day. (just beacause) - Answer

Hmmm ... Catch ... I'm hoping that you mis-read the question ... and not trying to tell us you're about to bring in the New Year in satin pumps with the matching belt and hat. Big Grin

A: Quiet evening with that special someone.

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