Rott...If I want something in the house that is feminine, cute, with fuzzy hair...Wait a minute, that sounds like me!

chicken or beef?
Originally posted by MBM:

suave, smooth and sophisticated or gangsta?

Smooth with ruff edges...No El De Barges, but no Trick Daddies either...
Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
I'll leave MBM's for our sistas, and for the bros pose:

Doting and attentive housewife or banging Corporate spouse?


In the bedroom: Lady or Slut?
Originally posted by AudioGuy:

In the bedroom: Lady or Slut?

Uh, is this a trick question? Confused brosmile

Lawrence Taylor or Ray Lewis?

seafood or meat?

BTW - AuidioGuy - you know I love you, you're the closest thing I have to a brother, but you are out of your GOT DAMN MIND if you think Walter Payton is better than Jim Brown! upset

Rasta or Muslim?

MBM, I didn't say he was better - I just happen to like W.P.!!! DAMMIT!!

I am not sure that I like your intimidation tactics - I am gonna complain to the guy who runs this thing and have you banned!! brosmile

Would you rather go back into the past (with the ability to change something) and return, or the ability to see into the future and those possible prepare?

[Hey, I was just thinking about the movie the Butterfly Effect. This might be a good thread, "thinking about how changes in the past might effect your present, or whether with the benefit of foresight, we could change our future.]
Kweli this is really good question. I woud have to say go back to the past and change something.

Republican or Democrat?
Thanks Lox. See "Would you rather ..." poll in Our Lives forum.

Democrat (by default)

Making Love in the morning or at night? (Gotta pick only one)
Before moving to Tucson, I would have said Ocean; but having been here for years, I've got to say mountains.

Terrible boss or backbiting coworkers?
Given my past experiences with the "L" word, I want to be rich!!!!!!!!!

best punishment for children; time out or a taste of leather?


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