Here's a new game. Let's pick between the two choices and then offer two more.

Coke or Pepsi?


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Southern Africa...can't live in a desert. BTW, isn't 'apartheid or ignorance' a moot choice, since apartheid is racial/legal ignorance?


Multi-million dollar endorsements or back-to-back Super Bowl Championships?
Your question begs an entire thread discussing the definition of "freedom" and its connection in today's society to financial resource, but I'll be "free".

'She's Got To Have It' or 'Do The Right Thing'?
Vox, don't worry about the gas discount, Bush gave Hummers that huge tax credit.

Permanent deafness, even though I'd never get to hear music again.

Reagan or Dubya?
Yah Vox, you can actually write hummers off as "farm equipment"...I'm not kidding...

That's a tuff choice...Reagan...he couldn't remember schit but he could speak English.

a short life with love, or a long life without it?
If sex could 'blow my hair back' that would be pretty amazing stuff. Eek I'd have to go for it and look to other family to sustain me emotionally! brosmile

Your first time: a great experience or "ho hum"?
WJ - you'll have to explain yourself - perhaps in the music section! brosmile

an intense 20 minutes or a leisurely 2 hours?
Originally posted by Oshun Auset:

Who has time for 2 hours of sex?

Priorities, priorities!!! One must make time for the important things in life! brosmile

Originally posted by Oshun Auset:

Actually what man lasts that long anyhow?

Are you hatin'? brosmile


sex - I can always get a decent meal somewhere! brosmile

you've got to give up one for the rest of your life: sex or your vision?
I'm not hating...just seriousely wondering...2 hrs...woah!?

Reluctantly Sex...Vision is too precious a sense.

Sade or Billy Holiday?
Billy Holiday

Hawaii or Jamaica?

BTW - I didn't say what was happening for the 2 hours. Ever hear of "romance"? winkgrin

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