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That chicago clubs fan is being hunted harder than saddam or binladden, expect the night show hosts to rip into that boy big time.

Only after they kill him will the idiots realize they are taking this far too seriously.

Anyone have an opinion on what happen?


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Sports no longer have 'SPORTSMANSHIP'. I saw the fan reach for the ball in a frenzy. He probably wasn't even thinking at the time. What upset me more was seeing a 72 year old coach pushed in the face; laying on the ground. You can go to jail, putting your hands on a senior citizen over here. I wonder if Martinez would like if someone did that to his granny? Sports just exemplifies the mindset of Americans now. Pure "D" I-n-s-a-n-i-t-y. Everyone for self; to hell with anyone else. Too sad for words.
I know I am going to be roasted for this.

I'm as respectful a person as can be (when you show me the same respect).

That said, if a 70 year old man tries to rush you in the middle of a croup of men fighting, and your adrenaline is already pumping from the game and the possible confrontations with numerous Yankee players, maybe your first thought when you see somebody running toward you in a threatening manner is not "oh, here is an old man coming at me. Let me let hin punch me or step out of his way or run, because he is a senior citizen and he may hurt himself."

Your first thought is to defend yourself from not only his attack, but anybody else you can't see coming at you while your focus is on this idiot running towards you.

IMO, if Pedro really had malice in mind, he would have decked him, or jumped on top of him after he pushed him down or something to that extent. He did what millions of people in self defense classes are taught every day, use the force of your attacker against him. He grabbed his head and let the man's momentuum do the rest.

I admit, I would have to knocked Pedro's teeth out if that was my grampa sprawled on the ground, but in my heart, I would know that grampa was wrong to begin with.

Same with that idiot fan in Missouri who got knocked out by the Nebraska player last Saturday. If he was brave enough to rush the field and talk s--t to a 250lb player who just lost a football game and whose adrenaline was probably off the charts, he deserves to get knocked dizzy.

Norland, I actually may deserve your criticism on this posts,because i felt bad saying that hurting an old man is acceptable, but I am a man who believes in facing the consequences of your actions.
I don't criticize anyone's opinions. Maybe 31 yr. old could have just stepped aside and let the ole guy go flying by. I understand the frenzy of sports and all. Mr. Zimmer apologized and said he was wrong. Has Mr. 31 yr. old Martinez apologized too? Some cultures just have more RESPECT for their elders than others. I doubt a Chinese fella would have done anything like this, 'tis all. To each his own. I don't even watch sports. These days, I don't watch much of anything. Tiger, sometimes on Golf. Only because he's so neat, so handsome and makes the greens look so much prettier to me. I really don't know a "putt" from a "futt". Big Grin
Ok, off the topic, the 70 year old should have realized his age and chose not to go out like that. He went out like a White man to a brown boy, but then he went down like brown on white tissue.

Rest assured Zimmer and friends will never forget that event. Martinez will have less endorsements, and his trade value just dropped a bit. But now all of the old White boys will think twice before doing that type of stupidness.

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Zimmer should've never charged Pedro. In the heat of the battle, you're not thinking about the age of the person trying to attack you. Is Pedro gonna be considered "Man of the Year" for letting another man steal on him on national TV and not hitting back?...I don't think so...

2ndly, the Cubs can't blame Bartman for blowing their chance at a WS. They blew a 3-1 series lead AND they lost the last 2 games at home with their 2 best pitchers. Bartman is a bonehead, but not a criminal...
Thursday Night October 16

Halloween is just two weeks away. You want to drive Chicago people nuts at Halloween? Dress up like a Cubs fan and start yelling: (as you reach out to catch a fly ball) "I got it! I got it!"

Man that was a heart breaker last night. Did you want the Cubs to win? I haven't seen a collapse like that since....well since last year's Cubs.

I actually felt sorry for that Cubs fan last night. People cursed him, threw drinks and food at him, tried to slug him as he went by. He felt like a Californian trying to go grocery shopping.

More and more facts coming out about that guy. I'm not going to say his name. Everybody's been saying his name. He's 26 years old, Notre Dame grad, he coaches a youth football league and he's currently in the witness protection program.

He did get some good news today. He was named the Marlin's MVP.

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