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how do you feel about "cloning"? is it okay for science, for life saving treatments, for creating a likness of a dearly departed one?

jan 01, 2004

TECHNOLOGY BREAKDOWN: Now For Something Completely Different

by Russell de Pina

In the January 2004 issue of Wired magazine, Wendy Goldman Rohm recounts how a team of researchers from a biotech company called Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) was able to introduce genetic material into unfertilized eggs, and chemically stimulating the cell division process that marks the beginning stages in the development of a human embryo. Wait a minute - isn't that cloning, and isn't cloning illegal in the US? Yes, on both counts (well count 2 may be kind of shaky). However, the ACT researchers' only (stated) interest in cloning is for theraputic cloning, that is, to find a process for harvesting embryonic stem cells that does not use an aborted fetus. While I could write a couple of columns just on the how the ACT team did what they did and the moral implications involved, since these are holiday times, let's look at some different questions. Given that it is possible to jumpstart the creation of an embryo, would that provide some of the requisite scientific underpinnings for explaining the virgin birth of Jesus Christ? Once we start down that road, it leads to all kinds of other questions - ones that are much bigger than the problems of outsourcing, the global economy, the digital divide, etc. Then, when we start looking at questions like these, it becomes like a nautilus shell -- seemingly an infinite spiral of questions and answers that ultimately lead to the big ones. You know the "Where did I come from?", "Why am I here?", "Does God exist?" kind of questions.

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I think cloning would be the beginning of the end of mankind as we know it. What is wrong with having children. There is nothing more beautiful than see yourself and someone you love dearly combined together in a child you have. There is nothing more fulfilling seeing part of you growing up in someone you love and then seeing that child born and love both of you equally, it is a wonder. I can go and on but because most people focus on sex and not love to procreate many would not understand this beauty of nature I am trying to illustrate.

The people behind creation are not doing it out of love for mankind as they pretend to be. As a one time scientist myself I know to raise money all sorts of gloss are put on ideas of how it would benefit people but the truth is most scientific research are motivated by selfish interest and very little of how it would benefit mankind goes into the thoughts behind the research, many a time it is pure research work for it's own sake. This fact has has been borne out by the invention of heinous things at mankind's disposal today. I am sure at the initial concept stages the scientists behind the projects talked about how biological, nuclear etc weapons would benefit mankind.

With regard to cloning what would stop evil white people behind these projects from trying to take whole parts of this planet and put their clones there. Please don't tell me they would not do this because they will it is their nature and they have done it before. They exterminated the natives from America to take thier land. Hitler started a war soley with genocide in mind to exterminate and make others slaves to the white man into perpertuity. Cloning was part of the Nazi agenda wasn't it? Did you know what their agenda was? If they had succeeded you can imagine all black people put togther in Africa being herded about like cattle by their German clones to service the white race.

As black people we should be the first to oppose cloning because trust me when it comes to it we are not the ones to be cloned (they don't want us) but rather we are the people that the clones would be used against more than anyone else Eek

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Im no fan of cloning but I support stem cell research 100%. Science is a discipline based in proving what is believed and because of that the religious community whom discipline is based in faith always find fault with science in one way or another. I believe most religious men and women oppose cloning because it in their eyes appear as if man is playing God and if man is able to do that which is commonly attributed to only God what happens to their belief system? Most religious men and women do not see themselves like they see the religious folk of times past, that burned books, killed scientist, and even killed other men and women whom they believed were witches. Stem Cell research is one of the most promising sciences there is today, but the religious right and the religious left and plain old religious folk are so wrapped up in their beliefs that they would rather see this research ended than allow it to produce what good it can. Sure there are those as Henry spoke about that do it just for the hell of it, with no intentions of doing any good but the good that can come from stem cell research is far more important than stopping it because a few scientist have ulterior motives.

This article provides us with arguments from both sides, but being that one argument is based in faith and the other is based in doing the actual work to prove a thing true or false, I believe allowing those who believe something because of faith to stop work that is being done to prove a thing true or false is ass backwards. In order to stop science from doing what it does, science must be used to show cause for ending whatever research is being done. A belief or faith in a God is not sufficient as I see it to stop science, after all no science will stop believers from believing, or will it? and is this what the religious folk fear?

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