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Big Grin Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!

Guess what I'm doin July 8th..

La Femme Nikita - The Complete First Season - DVD Release Date: 7/8/2003 Big Grin Heart Big Grin

Nikita (Peta Wilson) goes from living on the streets to being the pawn in an elaborate government plot to convert criminals into trained operatives. Though opposed to the government's plans for her, she now is bait against serial rapists, and terrorists with nuclear weapons, and other enemies of the state. The sexy action series is based on Luc Besson's French action classic.

Bet you can't tell what my favorite TV show was.. hehehehe

La Femme Nkechi
Be the change in the world you want to starts with you
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I could never get into that show. It seems like there is nothing really good on tv now-i like that new show Boomtown though and what happened to that Spanish/Black organized crime show that was coming on(i forget the name of it) it came on regular network television?

The Lord is on my side;I will not fear:what can man do unto me?
(Psalms 118:6)

If God brings you to it - He will bring you through it.

Hey Vox.. thanks for asking... I always love talking about my passions...

La Femme Nikita is in syndication now. It was on for 4 seasons on the USA Network, then cancelled with an ending we all hated (okay me, cause they made it seem like Nikita never loved Michael, which was bull)... then somehow we made them come back and do 8 more episodes for a final 5th season. Now it comes on real late or early. I have a lot of it taped, and I have been waiting for something to come out on DVD.

Here is the official website that has a synopsis of all of the episodes for all 5 seasons. La Femme Nikita Website

It was based on the french movie La Femme Nikita, but there was an American version with Bridget Fonda that I liked better. It was also the movie that introduced me to Nina Simone's music.

Anyway, its all spy/intelligence/terrorist stuff. But the neat thing about this was that they got the job done by any means necessary, forget any rules, which was part of the problem for the heroine. Then there was, as there must always be, the forbidden/non practical underlying love story. It was subtle and deep and loyal but at the same time you had a job to do that came first and it was always life or death. The passion, hate, love, betrayal, friendship bonds, etc... everything was just so intense.

It was a great show... and so far... Alias (ABC, Sunday nights) is looking to be almost as good... except that they have to play by rules because its the CIA.

Here is the website summary of the show:

She's young. She's gorgeous. And she's deadly --
sentenced to a chilling existence in a ruthless, clandestine world where beauty and danger collide at every dark turn. Wrongly accused of murdering a cop and headed for lethal injection, Nikita is instead forced into a new life as an elite operative for a top-secret, technology-laden government organization called Section One. Under the tutelage of the mysterious Michael, who later becomes her lover, Nikita transforms into a highly trained agent dedicated to fighting global terrorism by any means necessary -- legal or otherwise.

Nikita's life as she once knew it is gone forever. Now she must rely on her fierce instincts and killer looks to achieve the covert and death-defying objectives of a monolithic establishment that is all too willing to eliminate her should her conscience get in the way. Always supremely confident, spirited and courageous, Nikita continually finds herself entrenched in murky situations where her compassion and generosity of spirit come into direct conflict with her work. She may not always make the right choice, but she never allows her sense of self to be taken away.

In her role as a deadly operative, Nikita is the perfect weapon. Her wits and ingenuity keep her alive in a pressure-cooker environment where a single mistake can mean death. There is no end in sight to the pulse-pounding predicaments and gut-wrenching moral wars she must wage each and every day. Yet even while surrounded by violence and irredeemable evil, Nikita maintains a spark of humanity and optimism. It's her most vital weapon -- and the best hope for the future of all that is good in the world.

La Femme Nkechi
Be the change in the world you want to starts with you

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Yep.. that was it.. Point of No Return. I bought the soundtrack to the movie...

If you don't have those Nina Simone songs that were in there.. I can send you the mp3.

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Maybe I should have put this in the political forum but......
We had a conversation the other day and it sort of hit us that at the lower levels of the political spectrum pretty much each position is voted in by the public. Why is it then that at the highest level one person is elected and he gets to choose who he wants in power? We wondered that if each position at the highest level was voted in would that help or hinder the country?
I hope some of you that are politically astute can give me some knowledge on this. Smile
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OC, if I understand the question correctly, you are speaking of the President appointing his cabinet. If this is the case, it is the same as a mayor appointing the police chief and department heads.

If cabinet positions had to be elected, we'd have a greater case of gridlock than we currently do. Just look at any village or town council. Everyone would be acting on their own political agenda, rather than the unified agenda (for right or wrong) of the Pres.

If I miss understood the question, then ... Never Mind. Razz
No you got the question right despite of my lame efforts efforts to get my thoughts out. Big Grin

Your explanation does make sense, but it just seems like the system of "checks and balances" doesn't really mean much if the pres has his mind made up to act on certain issues.

But I guess if you look at it the people are ultimately responsible. If they vote in a dope with hidden agendas then if he does stack the deck it's our fault.
OC, remember, the Pres can only suggest and guide legislation, it is up to congress to enact the laws and the supremes to interpret them. This is the "Checks and Balances" that you speak of.

That said, over the years, the executive branch has worked and watered down the interpretation of constitution through executive order to eliminate Checks and Balance on the thing that could have the greatest effect on this nation-going to war. And this primarily under the "constitutional constructionist" watchful eyes of Reinquist and Scalia. (But that's another topic.I feel a rant coming on)

So when you have an egomaniacal mental light weight bent on revenge (for daddy) and securing more wealth for the members of his club, surrounded by equally twisted yes-men, you get ... well ... WAR.

Oops, did I say that? Mad
Kweli & Yssys: Smile

Yes, it is Swahili. No, I am not fluent. Interesting Kweli4real that you would ask, as your handle "Kweli" is Swahili meaning truth.

"Who will uplift the black woman? The heart of resentment is against her. But she will triumph."

A casual thought that came to mind after meditation.
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Originally posted by MBM:

Originally posted by JuneBug:
My son caught and ran for 4 TD's in flag football yesterday. He is 10. He runs like the wind. He wants to play full contact but I will not let him until he is in the 8th grade.

Big Grin

Aw Dad, let the boy play!! I started full contact when I was six. It was great; some of my best memories to this day!! Smile

My son just finished his first season of organized sports playing football, at age 6/7 here in Georgia. It was a great experience. I think the big picture lessons that were delivered had to do with concentration, commitment, hard work, and perseverance.


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Casual thoughts huh...

I feel like shyt on a regular basis...mama's mental cancer is killing her..i need to get out this house and
My beautiful Cinnamon Queen won't leave my mind, why in the hell didn't she say goodbye
Keep having dreams about the men the ex and all the exes in the past
What does it mean when will it pass why can't they take me as I am.
I think I'm somewhat un-trusting towards people sometimes. You can learn something from just about anyone or thing,sometimes I sit back and read different emotions and thoughts while trying not to be over judgemental, but at the sametime taking in only what can better improve my life.
To have knowledge and understanding better opens the door to everything else for me, unconditional love,peace and happiness.

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