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You don't have to have a messy greencard, you just have to be sponsored by a company to work here or else marry one of us CHARMING AUSSIE WOMEN LOL... or better still... have heaps of IT Skills and be under 40! Wink
Over 45 and a gazillion skills? Forget it!!! Roll Eyes

I did an African Drumming class with an entrepreneuial (sp?) man from Guadelope... he immigrated here on the basis of having skills noone here already had... smart thinking! laugh
Originally posted by helen:
Many black americans all over the U.S. are falling prey to voodoo practitioners. A classic case is John Muhammed. Here was a man who could have been any black americans brother, cousin, uncle. He had a typical upbringing and led a crime free life until he allowed the voodoo practitioners into his life. He was a husband and father. John was conned, brainwashed and voodoo.

Now he sits on death row, while the evil Jamaican Malvo gets life in prison. Inspite of his age, he and his fellow Jamaicans, were the mastermind behind the whole evil plot. The only time I have known them to stick together is when they are perpetuating an evil against an american.

There is no doubt in my mind that if John Muhammed had never met these people he would never have turned to a life of crime. They conned him with the we're all just poor little suffering black people routine. The white man is our collective enemy while all the time feeding him poison to destroy his brain, make him highly suggestible to their evil plot to extort money from america.

If they had succeeded in getting the millions THEY WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM NEXT.

Americans beware of voodoo practitioners in the world and on ALL the websites who operate as a gang to stop americans from communicating. It is a damn shame that someone gave evil people computers.


Didn't you post the exact same thing in another thread?

Helen, you need to stop making posts like this, you're being controlled by Caribbean Voodoo practicioners......
If voodoo is not evil, why don't we see them on every corner like we do Christian churches?

Why does every american I have known to get involved with you people come away hating you and will never ever marry one of you twice??? Ask Terry McMillan if she would do it again. Ask Lauryn Hill who is so destroyed by voodoo that her career is destroyed??? Ask all the countless numbers of nameless victims of your dirty hatred and jealousy. Ask Tupac?

I don't understand why you caribbean fools are on every african american website I have visited. Could you be trolling for someone to victimize and con?

You just asked President Bush to give you a separate history month for yourselves YOU WERE SO STUPID and anxious to publicize the division within the black community created by you and your african brothers.
He only signed the request because he knows you are stupid enough to vote republican and black americans are not. You have your own caribbean sites. Get the hell off of ours. I came here to talk to black americans.
Caribbean-American Heritage Month, 2006
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

You have your new title of caribbean-american. Stop pretending black americans have something in common with you. WE DON'T. The only damn time any of you voodoo practitioners want to be called black americans is when you're trying to get our money, a greencard or when the white man tries to lock you up.

I really hope you cut-and-pasted what you just wrote above (for at least the 3rd time) and didn't sit there and retype that whole thing!! Eek Eek

I'm not sure what it is about you, but I'm beginning to think you are either not, #1 - Black, and/or #2 - Female, and/or #3 - American. Something is just not adding up! Eek

It's obvious you've been hurt, disillusioned and taken advantage of ... probably more than once ... by someone who was not American. And if you don't stop this at once, you're going to get the same from Black people here .. which, I'm afraid, will really screw you up! Roll Eyes

Your anger is hurting you more than it's hurting anyone else. People think you're crazy. Prove them wrong. Smile
Black foreigners are maliciously stealing Black Americans birthright. On the East coast in particular, my cousin tells me that when she sees an african or caribbean person managing a position she knows that she will be discriminated against worse than the KKK.
When her qualifications exceed their own she is denied the job because she is "Overly qualified." She suspects some of them are even illegal aliens.
Write your congressmen now.
George LaNoue, professor of political science at the University of Maryland, points out, "Affirmative action that was originally designed to compensate for the decades of discrimination against American blacks has been turned into a system where many of the beneficiaries, and in some environments, some cities, some sectors, most of the beneficiaries are people of fairly recent immigrant origin."

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