Where's da res' a my money at... Bitches??!!

Yo dad, you a little short wit' my allowance... Wasupwitdat??

You can't by my silence with money... Do I look like a republican to you??

It betta be right!! Don't make me have to come over there and gum you to death!!

Where's da res' a my money at... Bitches??!!


"Just take the Goddamn money, I just want my diaper changed..."

"Wait I need to keep two hundred just in case you charge me for breast milk"

"Im rich Bitch!!!"

"What tha hell, why am I naked???...Somebody go buy me some clothes"

What???!!! You don't like my thong??

As soon as my toofs grow in, I'm gonna make them bling!!

The IRS???!!! You mean I only get to keep half??!!

Now maybe I can afford to get rid of the this p.i.m.p. walpaper and carpet...

*Shango67 as a child when he comes to the realization that he may have to pay a woman's way on a date*

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