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I'm not sure which category this would go in, so I just put it here.

I'm not Black, but I came here to learn about Black culture and values. Learning about other cultures is one of my hobbies.

The question is, can I visit and post here even though I'm not Black? I'm part Native American, part Middle Eastern, and part White.
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Thank you! I was soooooooo afraid of being told the opposite.

I'll tell you a little more about myself. I'm a college student at TSTC, a technical school in Texas. I'm studying environmental health, with a specialization in industrial hygiene. Environmental health is about protecting the health of humans from pollution. Since I know French, when I start my career, I will be sent back and forth to French-speaking places like France and parts of Africa.

My other hobbies are listening to rock music, studying history, religion, foreign language, mythology, and science in general. I also like to play the guitar and piano. I am a writer and an artist. I am currently working on a book series called Warriors of Darkness and Light, a fanstasy story about the ancient Egyptian gods.

I have two aquariums, two pet rats called Rizzo and Splinter, and a black tomcat named Salem. Salem is GORGEOUS and I'm going to show him next year.
Hello Leigh,

Welcome aboard Smile You sound as if you're interested in some of the things I am: mythology, history, languages, writing. You're even writing a story about the Egyptian pantheon (I'm writing one involving Sekhmet and Hathor, and several gods similar to them from elsewhere). You've started a series? Go girl!
The Sci-Fi is sounding great, Welcome Leigh if I can do as such. Hey lea and leigh the metaphorology story writing(egyptian Deities) sounds great will you both publish these or .....?. Keep me in touch with the finished projects so I can read them. I am writing a series of short stories called "ADOAWILAE Awakening". Maybe MBM will include a writers forum to go along with the new look, hint..hint
Peace Love Light
Khem Saqa

I will publish it! Definitely. Right now I'm also doing research for two novels, the beginning and the sequel, that I think I want to set in Mali or Ghana back when they were at their peaks. I'm not sure if I'll set it in that time or place, or if the protagonist will merely be from there but living elsewhere. It's a fantasy, too. To tide you over, check out Octavia Butler's Wild Seed. Part of it is set in Africa, about this immortal woman named Anyanwu who can shape shift, and a dangerous man named Doro who can do that and more. It's the first in a series.

How far along are you, Leigh? Are you completing the first draft, or have you reached the revisions yet? I think it's about time those stories (about the Egyptian pantheon, and other pantheons) got told, that Celtic-based fantasy I see so much of gets tiring after awhile.

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