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I want to know...

OK... I'm in the cinema and a trailer comes on for Mission Impossible 3 (yawn)... shows Tom Cruise doing daring stunts... then, there's Tom with Irving "Ving" Rhames who says "welcome back brotha".

Now, tell me, is that annoying? A Hollywood stunt. Or is that OK?


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Now, tell me, is that annoying? A Hollywood stunt. Or is that OK?---art_gurl

It's a little of all ot those.

Each viewer will draw his/her inference.

It happens in real life.

I hear 'friend'.

If the character were speaking to me, I as an African American, and as a 'black' man hear more.

Maybe friendship, maybe not.

But definitely 'acknowledgement-of-common-heritage and/or ancestry.


Jim Chester
Originally posted by FireFly:
Originally posted by Frenchy:
I tend to think Black men can pull off calling anyone "Brotha." White men, on the other hand, always sound either like Southern televangelists or wannabes.

thanks for a good laugh!!

I've called men of all races "bro" and I don't have a problem if they call me that if I know them. It only bugs me if they don't know me and just say it because I'm Black. lol

I've also called women of all races "sis" when I know them well.

I'll call anyone "bro" or "sis" if they are a Homo sapiens. lol

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