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What are "fashion" trends for men anyway. What can you really do? Aren't most of these "makeover" shows for women/white people. Is'n most fashion for women?

If you're not stuck in a teenage mind set like some black men (like my 53 year old brother) where all you know to wear is sports jersys, timberland boot and tennis shoes etc.

I mean we have suites - black, blue, tan, gray. We have sports coats and pants. Dress shirts and ties...

I have to admit I do like my old school converse - low top black. tfro
Originally posted by ddouble:
Do you know how much those clown clothes cost? By the way, I'm not a fan of the mega-expensive urban wear either. I have better things to do with my money besides buying super-pricey clothes & shoes.

I respect your disinterest in fashion clothing. I don't understand it, but I respect it. However, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to add character to your clothing.
Originally posted by MidLifeMan:
What are "fashion" trends for men anyway. What can you really do?

Personally, I'm not into fashion "trends," period. Bcause I don't have the time nor the money to buy a new wardrobe each time a new season arrives, I tend to buy investment clothing made with quality fabrics that can worn season after season. As far as I'm concerned, as long as a man has on clean clothes, he is dressed conservatively (with a little bit of style to him), then he looks good to me.
I have been into weights and fitness for awhile and b/c of such it was always hard to find clothes that fit properly. I would try to be fashion conscious but...........
The current Mrs.Right does all my sclothes shopping for me and does an excellent job if I may say so myself. There is no set standard as she has me in a wide variety of styles.


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