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Bush going HARD for the Latino vote! What about "Joe Six Pack" though?


Bush plan would let some illegal workers keep jobs
From Dana Bash and John King
CNN Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON (CNN) --In what the White House is billing as an important speech on immigration policy, President Bush on Wednesday will unveil a plan that would allow immigrants to enter the United States if they have jobs.

The proposal also is expected to put illegal workers already in the United States on a path toward legal status.

"There is an economic need, and it is important that we have an immigration policy that meets those economic needs," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan in a preview of the speech.

"America should be a welcoming society. We are a nation of immigrants, and our nation is better for it."

About 150 guests will be invited to the White House East Room to hear the address, including members of immigration groups and others interested in such policy, McClellan said.

He said the president has been working on a way "to match willing workers with willing employees."

The proposal is likely to include a new Internet-based registry to match prospective immigrants with jobs in the United States, sources said.

However, one Bush administration official said a mechanism will be in place to ensure "first dibs on jobs to go American workers."

The official said the proposal would allow migrant workers to collect retirement benefits from Social Security taxes they pay while working in the United States.

Many undocumented workers pay into the Social Security system but do not receive benefits because they do not have legal Social Security numbers.

Officials said the president has ruled out granting amnesty to illegal immigrants living and working in the United States, a move that many conservatives strongly oppose.

But one official noted, "So many illegal immigrants are in the country, we need to find a way to resolve that problem in a compassionate and productive way."

Such a process is expected to include a series of steps that could lead to legal status, officials said.

The proposal is Bush's first major policy initiative of 2004 -- a critical re-election year -- and will be unveiled days before his visit next week to Mexico for a regional summit and talks with Mexican President Vicente Fox.

Immigration policy has been a source of frequent tension between the two leaders.

The Bush and Fox administrations together crafted the new proposal, and U.S. officials said the two are determined to create a cordial and productive relationship.

"We have discussed for a long time with Mexico the need for a more humane, safe, orderly migration policy," McClellan said.

But he said the September 11 attacks forced a shift in focus to border security.

The Latino population is growing and represent a swing voting bloc that Bush political aides see as key to victory and have been trying to court.

Some community groups warn that the president's proposal has to be far-reaching enough to make a big difference politically.

"If proposals that give Hispanic immigrants more rights are enacted, it will certainly help with the community, but if it is just a guest worker program and no legalization, then the community is not going to like it," said Brent Wilkes, national executive director of League of United Latin American Citizens.

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Its a good proposal, since these 'workers' are here anyway 'working' at positions that other americans aren't willing to perform. Theres an important component to this that CNN (not surprised) hasn't even considered, and thats on the Homeland Security front. By getting illegal workers to identify themselves and be documented this narrows the focus for law enforcement agencies trying to deal with terrorists, etc.

And there is the political component as well, although for the Bush family this has long been more than simply political. Bushes are from Texas, Jeb married a hispanic and has hispanic children. George speaks spanish fluently. So this is a Texas cultural thing with the Bushes as well as smart politics.

I'd say he's got it locked, especially in light of the 'multilateralism' being put into practice with Vicente Fox his friend from Mexico. Oh well, better luck next time Democrats, eh.
Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
MBM, I was thinking the same thing!!! He's going to blow a fuse.

But I really wonder if he will go on record as saying that a White person, let alone a conservative White person, could possibly do something that he disagrees with.

I can't wait.
What's funny to me is that our resident Liberal Basher - aka the VILLAGE IDIOT! approves of what is largely regard as a recalcitrant "Liberal" policy positions. Eek

I guess there are extents & degrees after all, huh? Big Grin Maybe this is one of those "None Partisan" issues... Big Grin
What was that conservative saying about bi-partisanism? .....

broscream >>> SGT!!! Man your hole! (The Other Hole T*tty Milk!) <<<

(see that's why that party BS is.... BFS!)
Well ricardomath, and/or anyone else of similar liberal Caucasian, illegal or undocumented immigrant expression,

Since the defense of illegal and undocumented immigrants is your project carry on.

Again, this is not my interest, especially since illegal and undocumented immigrants receive better treatment than truly law abiding U.S. citizens of Black American heritage who have earned the right to be here by birth, by extreme sacrifice, etc., to which this perverted activity of pushing for the rights of illegal and undocumented immigrants over the rights of truly law abiding U.S. citizens, is even promoted by some of Black America's own elected leadership.

This is not to say that illegal and undocumented immigrants should not be treated fairly, but rather my interest is restricted to the rights of the law abiding, first and foremost.


Michael Lofton
I'm not so sure this will get Latino support for Dubya. Those Latinos who vote were either born here or became citizens through the normal process. Why would they support giving rights to 8 to 11 million ILLEGAL aliens?

I heard on NPR that this is mostly a perk for businesses who would undercut the cost of labor by hiring folks that would work for almost nothing. It would damage wages/labor across the country by introducing a two tiered labor system in which employers virtually OWN alien workers for three years and pay them next to nothing instead of paying an american worker a living wage...

We need to be honest here and stop the repeating of lies we here on television and radio. I know of only one kind of job undocumented men and women, mostly men are willing to do that we will not do. We are not willing to get out that pick strawberries and the various other fruits if we do not own the farm. This is only job they do that we or even most white folk are not willing to do. All the other jobs they have, were giving to them because they were willing to work for lower wages, and not because we would not do them. Black folk will do janitorial jobs, we will do gardening jobs, we will do painting jobs, we will work in hotel guest services, we will do child care jobs (just look in our communities). The idea that undocumented men and women are willing to do job(s) other folk is not willing to do is a lie and can be easily proven. Just over ten years ago, the biggest Janitorial service in Los Angeles was a Black janitorial service and because of undocumented men and women, no longer exist.

Don't mistake what I am saying here as something against undocumented men and women, I think it is inevitable that the western seaboard of the U.S. will be over run with Mexicans. But this does not mean I will back the lies that are being told.

"We got to organize ourselves, We got to mobilize and there can't be no confusion in our collective solution, If not for ourselves, then for our kids, because we know who our enemy is!"

DPZ "for the hood"

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem

[This message was edited by Faheem on January 11, 2004 at 01:14 PM.]
Originally posted by Norland:
They may find themselves ending up as "frontline fodder".

Not necessarily Norland. They only need to do these jobs a few years, build up a CV of showing how long they have worked in the US and before you know they would be applying for YOUR jobs. If this happens in a racist country black people always end up being the biggest losers despite the US being their own country

Is it just talk or are you for solutions? If you are GENUINELY interested in solving black problems? Then join us at
Faheem, please clarify, Is this in reference to what I posted about a radio talk show discussion of this issue?

"We need to be honest here and stop the repeating of lies we here on television and radio."

I agree that there are very few, if any, jobs african americans, any americans wouldn't do if paid a decent wage with the possibility of benefits. Picking strawberries is honest work, but employers don't want to pay a decent wage...

I believe the 'foreign worker" plan to be a farce. There are citizens who don't have jobs. I have no problem with immigration - but I do have a problem with illegal immigration.
Basic economic principles point to the truth of the NPR report; but few Americans are willing to look passed our zenophobic blinders to see the effect the Bush Plan will have on everyone.

Introduce a million (pick a number) of people that are willing to work for below the prevailing wage, and ALL wages (in that sector) stagnant or fall, but not necessarily prices. The only thing that will rise is corporate profits and the poverty rate.
I'm told the reason President Vicente Fox is so intent on getting Bush to agree to amnesty for illegal Mexican Aliens is due to the Mexican economy. Millions of dollars are pumped into the Mexican economy from illegal immigrants who get jobs and send their $$$ home. Fox wants this to continue.

Wasn't NAFTA aimed at increasing jobs/middle class in Mexico?

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