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We have technology that can read license plates from space. We listen in on every transatlantic phone call. We have massive computers that scan the internet looking for trouble. We have spies everywhere, especially in areas of particular concern. Despite this, we can't find WMD's in Iraq? Huh? Confused

We've been in Iraq since 1991. We've had inspectors scouring the country for years looking for stuff. We've had our jets patrolling the "no fly" zones since then. No doubt we've had well-placed intelligence assets feeding us info for many many years there as well. What gives??? Why would Bush and Co. expose themselves to what they are going through now, and possibly sacrifice their second term, if they weren't sure about the claims they were making about the imminence of threat, WMDs, the connection to 9/11 etc.?

Could it be that reelection is not GWB's primary motivation? Could it be that merely putting in place the multi-year, multi-billion dollar contracts for George and Co. is the primary objective of the entire presidency? And, oh BTW, Governor Jeb Bush from Florida gets in the White House in a few years and sets up the next round of (by then) gazillion dollar contracts for Bush and Co.

Nah . . . Roll Eyes

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I'm gonna go back to what this post was originally titled ... you hit the nail on the head with your original post! Smile

U.S. ... Intelligence? I think that's one of those things they call a contradiction in terms or something?? Confused

Yes, the U.S. has Intelligence ... but do they really use it intelligently?? Confused I believe Geo got put into/took the White House for purely all those selfish, self-serving, multi-billion dollar reasons that you mention above. But, actually, that's just a smoke screen ... a consequence, a reaction to his/their actions that they are now in the predicament they are in.

I believe they in no way intended for all this to happen this way. This is not a plan of any kind. Their arrogance made them stupid, and their stupidity has put them in the hot seat in more ways than one. With Dumb leading Dumber, they are trying their best to get out of this thing, but end up doing something even dumber than they did before .... and it's just not going well ... to put it mildly!!

However, back to the issue of intelligence, our high-tech, super-star-wars technology was never used properly to do any of those things you mention, so as to be able to be useful to us in this time of "Die Americans, Die!!" that we are facing internationally!! I've got to reiterate what I've written before ... they didn't even have an Arabic translator on the payroll to be able to translate the conversations they were intercepting in the days right after 9/11!! Eek Now, how intelligent is that? Several agencies had files on the same people, and neither knew about either!! How intelligent is that? This Administration used their surveillence technology to bug the senior U.N. members to find out how they were going to vote on that Resolution ... and got BUSTED!!! Now, how intelligent is that??

A base plan to put GeeDub in the White House to make kabillions off of oil around the world? Yeah, I can believe that!!

A well-thought out, conscientious, did-the-homework-first, knew-what-they-were-getting-into, slip in, take the oil and run kinda plan?? No way. That would take far more intelligence than they are capable of! Roll Eyes

Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
They ruin the economy everywhere they go...I guess Halliburton types are to be the only employed people in the world.....

Unemployed Iraqis turn their anger on coalition
By Cesar G. Soriano, USA TODAY
BAGHDAD "” Every morning, Adnan Hussein joins thousands of other day laborers in the back-alley teashops of a poor Batawin neighborhood. The laborers sit at cramped tables, smoking, talking and waiting for work.

A protestor hurls stones while a police car burns in the background.
Khalid Mohammad, AP

"Look at my torn shoes. Look at my dirty clothes," said Hussein, 20. "If I could get $1 a day, I would be happy." Hussein is one of millions of unemployed people in Iraq, a problem exacerbated after the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority purged about 2 million workers from the disbanded Iraqi army and other government jobs.

Before the U.S.-led war, there were an estimated 4 million jobless out of a population of 24.7 million. While no surveys have been taken since the war, as much as 50% of the Iraqi population may now be out of work.

With so many jobless, it's no wonder that street crimes and attacks against U.S. forces have skyrocketed, Hussein said. Even a peaceful demonstration can quickly turn violent.

Wednesday, two people were injured after Iraqi police opened fire on a group of protesters demanding jobs from a U.S.-backed Iraqi security force. The protesters, who threw stones and set two cars on fire, had gone to the Facilities Protection Service station to seek promised jobs. Many of the men, including Hussein, say they paid the Iraqi police there a bribe of 75,000 Iraqi dinar, about $38, for a job.

Nearly every day, unemployed groups stage rallies at the Palestine Hotel, where many international journalists are based, or at the front gate to the Republican Palace, the main U.S. Army compound in the Iraqi capital.

On Thursday, former Iraqi security services demonstrated at the coalition headquarters, demanding positions in the new Iraqi police forces. Earlier in the day, about 250 men with the Iraqi Free Society Party protested at their political party's headquarters, two blocks from the Palestine Hotel, to demand jobs. Abas Mureb Suba, 26, held a sign that read, "Unemployment is caused by coalition forces. We must fight unemployment."

Coalition forces employ about 2,000 Iraqis at the main base in Baghdad, a source of contention among some groups. "These people working on the base have sold out for temporary jobs. They are no better than Saddam Hussein agents," said Suhail Abdul Hussain, a manager with the Federation of the Unemployed, a political party aligned with the Communist Labor Party.

Finding permanent employment these days depends less on what you know than on whom you know, said Suba, who was at Thursday's demonstration. "I've been looking for work for two months. The only way to find work is to have contacts in the CPA or coalition forces," he said, referring to the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Sami al-Thamami, director general of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, said the unemployment problem feeds the security crisis, and vice versa. Both problems are exacerbated by the continuing power shortages, curfews and war-damaged factories.

"Unemployment is a major reason for the unstable security situation. The situation is desperate," al-Thamami said. "The unemployed are ready to take any action, including joining Saddam loyalists to launch attacks against coalition forces."

The coalition is taking some steps to tackle the issue. On Monday, Iraq's Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works will launch a sanitation program using 100,000 temporary workers to haul garbage and clean streets.

The National Office of Employment and Vocational Training Center was launched Sept. 16 with help from the U.S. Army and international aid groups. The group will match potential employees with employers, including foreign companies working in Iraq. Already, there are 13,000 résumés in the database, manager Sawsan Mehdi said. The center offers a dozen courses, including English, computers and automotive mechanics.

The group plans 27 similar centers across the country. Even former officials from Saddam's Baath Party will be helped. "We will not discriminate against anyone for their past political situation, religion, race, sex or handicap," Mehdi said.

Back at the worker's pool in Batawin, the vocational assistance doesn't interest Hamid Jasser. "I was once a communications technician. Now I'm fixing sewer pipes," said Jasser, his dishdasha (traditional robe) covered in soot. "These groups are all corrupt. The only way to find work is to pay money that I do not have. Nothing has changed."
Everyone, from the orginal poster to the last, is absolutely correct, ... Now what?

See, I understand what you are saying because I speak your language. But the Bush clan don't understant what you are saying, furthermore the presume you don't understand what they are saying because you are not with them.

The language they speak is 'violence', note that they took particular care in having use not take those language arts classes, in fact they gave us grants to go to 'non-violence' classes. Many of us have straight 'A' in non-violence, and no credit whatsoever in 'violence' 1001.

Just in case you believe I'm advocating violence; let me put it this way, I don't believe in abortion, I don't believe in capital punishment, I don't believe in war outside of self defense, and I don't believe in police brutality. But I do believe in us becoming multi-lingual. So that when we as a people speak all hear,understand, and conduct themselves accordingly.

That $87Billion, could make every single adult in America a millionair, instead they perfer to make a few billionairs trillionairs.


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What I don't understand is why America has given Bush a pass on some of the shady stuff that's gone on since 9/11? When our airways were closed just after 9/11, why were the Bin Ladens allowed to round up their folks around the country and fly back to Saudi Arabia? Now that's not some conspiracy shit, that's fact - reported in the press and then dropped. Why? Shouldn't the American people better understand why that was allowed to happen? Obviously that had to be the president's call. Why did he do it?

Shouldn't we care that when our president got into the oil business one of his biggest customers/investors were the Bin Ladens in Saudi Arabia? At least shouldn't we get some clarity about the relationship between the Bush's and the Bin Ladens? Are we really going after OBL or is he a convenient "bad guy" to blame a lot of the crazy shit that's going on in the world that's out of our control?

Another question, D.C. has a number of military bases around it - Andrews is right there. How the freak did a plane get all the way in to the Pentagon without fighter jets taking that thing out? I don't get that at all?

I just heard that 5 of the 9/11 hijackers are supposedly still alive - meaning that we still don't know precisely who was involved in this OR we're still trying to cover something up about it. What's up?

Lots of questions. Lots that makes no sense.

There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life
that is less than the one you are capable of living. - Mandela

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