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Bronze Cast Heads Of Ile Ife


This amazing town is the birth-place and some say the spiritual home of the Yoruba tribe. It is very neatly placed between the Niger River and the Atlantic Ocean. It was the people of Ile-Ife that taught the Benin peoples the art of sculpting in bronze and terracotta. The ancient sculptors of Ife are world famous for their bronze and terracotta figures. The works of art seen in this video are of such exceptional value that it stands high amongst anything found in the treasures of the Renaissance or Classical Europe. Ile-ife is of course most famous for its amazing bronze heads. These incredible works of art are in museums and private collections all over the world. Art historians are without doubt that it equals anything found in Ancient Rome or works of European antiquity. The works of art seen in this video are of such high value in the art world that they are indeed priceless. The manner in which they were made is still a source of mystery to many, To the ancient Yorubas however this was a skill that ws handed down from generation to generation. The survival of these works links us to a great and ancient past with echoes of deep wisdom and intelligence. An anthropologist by the name of Leo Frobenius discovered 13 of these bronze heads in Ife in 1910. He couldnt bring himself to believe that these amazing works of art were made by Africans and instead declared that he had discovered the Lost City of Atlantis.

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