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Participant at KKK initiation wounded after shots fired into sky

Monday, November 24, 2003 Posted: 2:31 PM EST (1931 GMT)

JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee (AP) -- A bullet fired in the air during a Ku Klux Klan initiation ceremony came down and struck a participant in the head, critically injuring him, authorities said.

Gregory Allen Freeman, 45, was charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment in the Saturday night incident that wounded Jeffery S. Murr, 24.

About 10 people, including two children, had gathered for the ceremony. The man who was being initiated was blindfolded, tied with a noose to a tree and shot with paintball guns as Freeman fired a pistol in the air to provide the sound of real gunfire, Sheriff Fred Phillips said.

A bullet struck Murr on the top of the head and exited at the bottom of his skull, authorities said.

Freeman fled the ceremony but was arrested near his home, authorities said. He was released on $7,500 bail.

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Interesting how the bullet didn't seem to find any brain.

It is funny, but all I could see is the reporter making an excuse for the shooter (like it was an accident). If the bullet rickershaed(sp) off a tree branch then ok, but 'up in the air' for sound, I don't think so. My guess is his job was to fire near this guy's head and his missed missing his target.

Maybe they should try again, until they get it right, dead right or even dead wrong!

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