Do you hang on to letters and other mementos from your past relationships?
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When it's over, everything is gone - cards, letters, emails, speed dial on my phone, info on palm pilot, speed dial on cell, everything with perhaps the exception of a serious piece of jewelry. I ain't sayin' I'm a golddigger ...

Last chapter finished, book closed, buh-bye!
For years, my first date with everyone woman involved dinner at a table-clothed restaurant. And as a momento, I would have my date sign or write something in the restaurants matchbook along with the date. I kept those matchbooks for years and from time to time would revisit the evening by going through the matchbooks. [Corny ... I know] But one woman I was in a relationship with put a match to the whole lot. That ended that relationship. If she couldn't respect something that obviously was important to me, then she was not the woman for me. My past is an important part of who I am today.

Since then, I have maintained scrap book/photo album that I keep in a file cabinet in the garage. My wife knows about it since I have made no attempt to hide it; but I'm sure if she thought she could get away with it, that scrape book would meet a similar fate as the matches.
I keep a few things from every relationship, but getting rid of most of the stuff at the end of a relationship is how I let go. Though I always keep a "breakup photo" (a really, really unflattering picture of the guy), so I can look back and cringe instead of getting all nostalgic. Cool
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Nope. The past is the past. Once she's gone, all traces of her go too. I don't need "ghosts" hanging around me.

So you're trying to erase my memory forever, 2XGam? sad

Now why would I do that? Who said your "gone" yet? daz Wink
I wish I had kept the poetry. Not to reflect on the relationships from but because they were good and about me. They appeal to my narcissistic side.

But I think keeping them might make people feel uncomfortable, anyhow.

Perhaps it's best they are gone.

I have no photos. No nothing.

Aside for the loss of the poems, I'm not very bothered by this.
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~YUP! I even have a box with HIGH SCHOOL notes, even elementary school notes: i.e., "Do you like me?" with the yes or no checkboxes! and "write back"! Hilarious now when I think about it.~

Classic. I wish I had mementos like that from grade school. I've kept a few gifts from one ex, but nothing amounting to a shrine...

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