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May be an image of 1 person and text that says '6 Protonis 6 Neutrons 6 Electrons We are the beast they wrote about in their bible!'

Revelation 13:18 states that if one is wise and has an understanding to count the number of the beast, which is also the number of a man (imitating Son of man, Jesus Christ), the number comes to 666. Its reference to the mark of man gives an indication that this idolatry is toward humanism.

Thisi s actually the mark of the beastMay be an image of text that says '05288 0-13 3 0-15 -18 O -15 -14 A 66 COVID-19 AN OCCULT DRIVEN SCRIPT AND A LUCIFERIAN HUMAN SACRIFICE MEGA-RITUAL'

Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."

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It was this clever group that sat in Alexandria and compiled what would become bible babble

250 BCE The Septuagint and the Library of Alexandria

Alexandria Library

"...Turning from legend to fact, the Septuagint is a Jewish translation of the third century B.C.E., made for diaspora Jews in Egypt whose language was Greek and who no longer understood Hebrew. It is the first known translation of the Bible. Later, the early Christian Church adopted the Septuagint as divinely inspired and this version became the basis of the Latin translation known as the Vulgate. The Septuagint contains a number of books which are not in the Hebrew Bible (or Masoretic text as it is called by scholars), but based on their inclusion in the Septuagint, these books were also included in the Latin Vulgate. That is why such books as Judith, II Maccabees, The Wisdom of Solomon and Ben Sira, are considered canonical by the Roman Catholic Church, it was denounced by contemporaneous Jews. Although originally a Jewish translation, the Septuagint has been preserved only in Christian sources..."

I know if it were left to men to give birth, there'd be nothing but bugs and fish living on this so-called Earth.

Imagine pushing heads and shoulders through your penis. The Hole of Life is not much larger and it damn sure HURTS!!!!! We women forget HOW MUCH after birth so that we may do it again if it's meant to be.

You men should always realize your mother is/was a woman. They all should be idolized, no matter their profession. If one didn't murder you, consider yourself lucky.

You have to take these lipless, pale, animal haired, wrinkled, laughless, preachers of the Covid-19 every second of every day, on every channel on TV with a grain of salt or let them drive you insane.

Get vaccinated if you want to live or don't get vaccinated if you wish to die. The choice is yours and that's the bottom line.

We all know right from wrong and choose the path we want to follow in life. We live life until we die and we're all going to do that no matter what path we choose, and none of us knows how much time we have!!!!!

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