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Economic Foot Hold. The second opportunity for Blacks to build wealth has come full circle in Alaska. The moves being made by many people of all race is happening in the interior and southeast Alaska. My comments about the stories people come back to the "lower 48's" and tell to get people to move to this part of the "COLD WORLD" and half truth if not down right lies.
If anyone makes the decision to move to this part of the world they need to have written documents verification that a place is secured for them to stay. THe rescue mission-there is only one and it is full of people coming up here on a wing and promise. Secure employment prior to moving.
Internet surf and get the department of labor data to ensure you have an income base. THis place is dark and cold during September-April each year and these people are staring up here if you come unprepared. People are friend yes, but when you wear your welcome out they get down right mean. Just the down right truth
Our jail house is full of Black men and Native men looking for a warn place to stay during the winter and being in jail is a lot better that being dead on under five to eight feet of snow.
Very concern citizen
About the homeless population in Fairbanks Alaska
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