Some think that blacks are inherently "socialistic" in their cultural approach. That we naturally organize and work to assist each other whenever and wherever we can.

Others believe that we can be as "classist" as the next culture: looking down our nose at our own brothers and sisters, and discriminating against each other, with impunity.

What do you think about this issue?

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... that humans are inherently *classist* when there are not enough natural resources for everyone to live above poverty level. (Climate and bounty affect harshness of religion and culture)

We are no exception to this rule. We, in general, are *classist* in bad times and *socialistic* in good times. Some of us, who are living conscious lives and have a natural love of their fellow man's wellbeing, purposefully seek to be *socialistic* regardless.

Unfortunately the worst of us, bring us all down (in the bell curve aspect).

One problem is, a certain form of *classism*, via skin tone color, was purposely introduced to us in order to control us (house vs field slave). Though this form does exist in India and China (not sure where else), I am not certain that we ever had it while in Africa before the white man kidnapped us. I wonder if we would have gone down that path at all. I also wonder if that system existed in India before the white man ruled there.

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wasn't it believed in some part of native american culture that those lacking or without melanin were cursed in someway? it's possible that our african ancestors had similar beliefs...prior to the introduction to the white man. those with fairer complextions could have been looked at differently. im merely speculating...

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