Dear Black People who want to write an open letter to Black women,

I am writing an open letter to people who want to write an open letter to Black women and put the open letter on Huffington Post because I  just read a post on Huffington Post called “An Open Letter to Black Women.” Well I hate to tell you but I am a proud black woman and I am writing from my blog because most of my readers are Black women.

Leave me alone. Get off my behind. I have had enough of people making money off of my back by tearing me down. Its not enough for you to support negative images but we now have Black females joining the bash Black women and then write something to fix us by using Jesus, telling me how I must roll over for Black men at all costs and its all our fault life sucks for us cash cow too.

Let me let you in on a little secret. I am happy. I ain’t broken. God has more important problems than to worry about me and no, we (as in Black women) do not all watch reality TV. Ok, I watch Swamp People but that is it. The author in the article posted above said, “Now, last night I watched my regular dose of “Reality” TV. While I know that most reality shows are scripted, those scripts are often influenced by a bigger truth that needs a conversation. And man, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta showcased some real winners last night! Black women, what happened to us? We have gone from mothers of this earth; strong and proud backbones of our men, to ignorant, groupie, door mats! We are better than this!

What da blood clot!!

I have no clue what Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is and I suspect millions of other Black women have no clue what the heck it is either. We are too busy living our lives. I do not know any of the characters and they for darn sure do not represent me. Do you know people like that? If you do perhaps you need new amigas? If you loved and truly cared about the images on TV why are you supporting it? That is my question.

The sexist rant goes on to tell me that Black women do not love each other, we are self centered, laughing stocks, and sexual objects. WHHHHAAATTTT???? She gleaned this all from a freaking scripted TV show! Folks, I for one love Black women. They made me, raised me and taught me everything I know. I owe my life to them and I am incredibly grateful. Self centered? How can we be self centered if 70-80% of all Black homes are headed by Black women? Sexual objects? Have you seen the study that was recently in the Griothat said in a life time Black women only had ten yes ten sexual partners while Black males had freaking 38 of them! Talk to Black men about using their bodies as sexual theme park rides.

Finally, in Mrs. Williams’ post she tries to say that all of “our” problems will be solved by following her God. Right! How about getting off your knees and starting a campaign to stop the negative and false imagery of Black women on TV. Don’t forget. It starts with you so stop being so damn sexist.  Take a look at What About Our Daughters has done.

Mrs. Williams and others of her ilk are no different from the people they claim to decry on the idiot box. Why?  Because they are projecting negative stereotypes on to 16 million people. Is she like that? I suspect she would say she is not. So why are they doing this to us. Who knows? Maybe they want clicks, money, to sell books, fame, etc. You know, the same things rappers do without the profanity and a lot more fancy words. Listen if you love us as much as you claim you do stop supporting negative images of Black women and turn the TV off and to my Black female readers, remember “skin folk ain’t kin folk.” People love tearing us down so keep your head up.

Stay Bougie,