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Black woman who has 19 feet hair locs, the longest hair locs in the world!

15 Jul

Long Neat Dreadlocks

I’m always amazed when I hear great news…. I’m impressed
when I hear good news. But I’m very stunned when out of
it all…there’s a story talking about something out of the ordinary.
That’s what sparks attention like fireworks lighting up the
sky and the boom that you can feel outside from it.

So let me introduce you to Asha Mandela, who is a black woman.
She has the longest hair locs in the world which makes her an
official Guinness World Record holder.

Her locs measure 19 feet,6 inches… forget waist length hair….
waist length hair ain’t got nothing on this woman. Her hair weighs
4 pounds when it is dry.

Asha says locs are more than a hairstyle, it’s a way of life and
expression of self.

I quote her as saying this” When I started growing my locks, I
suddenly became very overprotective of them, as I felt they beheld
all my energy, wisdom, knowledge and understanding and my over
all strength. So I twisted, groomed, and maintained them for the present,” she said in a recent interview by

To take such care of such long length requires a heck of a lotta time
and a lot of products. See how many bottles of shampoo she uses
to wash her hair.

She uses Allways Natural Isogro Conditioning Hairdress… Question
Is there something in that bottle that makes her hair grow like a
bean stalk? No just kidding, I don’t know. I know I hear a lot of
how dreadlocks cause the hair to grow…

I always wonder if dreadlocks get split ends because they fit
so tightly together like puzzle pieces.

I was contemplating hair locks.I have family members with hair locks
and it looks like it don’t shrink that much.

Do you know of people wearing hair locks? Do you want to
lock your hair?

"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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Hi Charisma,

Been a while.  I wore dreadlocs for 15 years and cut them off last November for a variety of reasons. 
Growing locs is a journey that can teach you a lot about yourself and reveal some inner strengths you didn't know existed.  I recommend surrounding yourself with positive sisters and brothers who do or have shared the experience and can reinforce your goals.  Find a loctitcian who can guide you and help you keep your hair healthy.  A lot of loc maintenance can be done on your own once they have started, but you should keep in touch with a professional.
They grow very fast because you lose no hair.  Hair that comes out in your comb when your hair is straight, remains on your head.  It does take more shampoo and product, because you have more hair.  I used to wash mine once a week and let it air dry; it took hours.  It can be very heavy when it's wet, and I find it hard to believe that 19 feet of dreadloc only weighed 4 pounds.  I know a woman who pushes hers around in a shopping cart; I don't know how long they are, but believe me, they are heavy.
Many people think brothers and sisters loc their hair because they are lazy and don't want to "do anything" to it, but having healthy moisturized, attractive locs can be a lot of work.  So let that professional take over sometimes and you should be ok.
I have never known anyone with dreadlocs to have split ends.
Best of luck to you.

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