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Some of you may remember that I work with a Black woman ... a fine Black woman with caramel skin who changes her hair style about every 2 months; always a natural style ... most recently she hooked up a slick bald fade, with a lick of hair to the front that drops down over her left eye [you gotten see it to fully appreciate it]. But most impressive is her build; she's about 5'7", a buck 40 and to quote a phrase ... she's all "boom, bap, pow", with luscious breasts, a slim waist and a butt that would have a brother speaking in tongues.

Well, that was until recently. I noticed a couple of months ago that she was hitting the gym twice a day and her daily burgers became veggie plates. She was losing weight, and that fabulous butt, fast.

Me being me, I asked her if she was losing weight? She told me that she had competed in a fitness contest [DD, correct me if I'm wrong, but it's some kind of body building contest for women, minus the steroids and testicles].

So me continuing to be me, I told her that she looked good, but cautioned her to remind her husband that only a dog likes a bone. She laughed and said that he's the one taking her to the gym.

Oh, did I mention that her husband is a white guy and I've overheard her saying that he frequently talks about her "ass being too big?" I guess Black men and white men really do have different tastes.
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Figure and Bikini probably are mostly free of the drugs.  And yes, dropping bodyfat, sometimes compromises the rear end.  Their is a healthy middle ground between "obese" thick and real thin  A lot of women (and lot more of them are Black now) have a hard time finding the sweet spot.

In my experience, younger white guys appreciate a nice butt.
Stupid white boy doesn't know what to do with a black woman's beautiful gluteus maximus nor does he understand or appreciate it's telepathy energy. Needless to say most brothers I know don't associate with black women who court white boys - these women generally require intensive psychological reevaluation and are so far removed from the black experience they are nuttier than a christmas fruitcake. Good riddance. That being said ...

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