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I watched the Prophets of Science Fiction on the Science Channel yesterday. The show focused mainly on H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. But there was an interesting segment on Dr. Ronald L. Mallett, an African American physicist. He's working on building a time machine.

He got the idea after readings Wells' The Time Machine; his father had died a few months earlier. The 10 year old Mallett imagined that a time machine would allow him to see his father again.
This article explains how the time machine would work far better than I ever could!

Imagine if such a machine did exist? We'd get our 40 acres and a mule! Well, not really. Mallett says, "You couldn't go back in time to a time before a time machine was built. 'So I don't think we can go back any further than when we have a time machine that works.'" Got that?! Smile

Maybe one of these days....
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Sorry, I don't buy it.

The past and the future do not exist. All that exists is now. NOW is the current state of matter and energy in the universe. All of the atoms in your body existed 1000 years ago so to go 1000 years into the past all of those atoms would hav to go back where they were.

Time travel makes for some interesting stories but that is about it.

Originally posted by virtue/Khalliqa:

Scientists have not truly explored this concept of time, no?

I think there's still a lot that scientists don't know about the concept.

I believe Einstein's work revealed that time is the 4th dimension.

Mallett mentions that time travels straight, like an arrow. There's the past, the present, and the future, of course. However, he believes that if time could be bent, if it could be made circular, we could go from the past, to the present, to the future, and back.

I listened to a good podcast where Mallett explains his theory. He's very good at using analogies to explain very complex concepts.

At the end of the show the host mentioned something I couldn't help but think about when I first heard about Mallett and his work. The host noted what the ramifications would be if an African American physicist
does come up with a way to go back in time. There might be some serious payback to be had.

Word. Smile
I listened to the podcast. it was ineresting but I have some problems with it.

At one point he talked about the equation e=mc**2 being reversible. Reality and mathematics don't always correspond that well. I never made a determined search before but this is what I turned up:

A tremendous amount of energy needs to be concentrated to produce an infinitesimal amount of matter. I had never heard if it had ever been accomplished or even if there was any natural phenomenon whare it occured.

He also talked about parallel universes resulting from people making different decisions. Think about how many people there are on this planet making who knows how many different trivial decisions, and a separate universe must exist for each alternative? RIDICULOUS!!!

Personally I have a problem with applying the word dimension to time because of the erroneous thinking this is likely to encourage. The normal 3 dimensions can all be measured in the same units and it is totally arbitrary which is up/down or left/right, etc. But time must me measured in a totally different unit of measure and usuall specifies changes in something in those 3 dimensions. If nothing in the entire universed moved would there be ny time?


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