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I believe you would have a hard time convincing the large majority (85-99.9%) of black people that the Republican Party platform is in the best interest of black people. The individuals and the ideas that comprise the modern Republican Party are averse to the aspirations and political objectives that the Black Liberation Movement (BLM) are about.
People need to look at legislative outcomes and perform policy analysis before they make statements that are so absolute in nature.......also, we need to also remember where all of our rights originated from in the last 40 years and who to this day sponsors legislation on our behalf is do you compare a lilly white party that is conservatively racist to one that AT LEAST has black representation and where ALL of the members of the CBC come from...yes it is the lesser of two evils...but unfair to even compare them....the white Dems realize they are all white people and front our best interest....but repubs work to roll back past gains and disagree with EVERYTHING the black majority feels is right......they lead the fight againat affirm action, racial profiling laws, discrimination laws and the whole nine....and haven't sponsored shit on our behalf since Black republicans either (a) are ashamed of black people and try to distance themselves or (b)are selfish and do not give a damn about the race as a whole even though the race as a whole advanced their social status.....
Black people are conservative in certain areas of life. Most black people disagree with homosexual unions, most black people think welfare is wrong in the long term, most black people are "pro-life" (I hate that freakin term). But most black people can also see that the Republican party as presently organized is so averse to our political objectives, that we do no even consider them as a viable option.
Originally posted by blaqfist:

I believe you would have a hard time convincing the large majority (85-99.9%) of black people that the Republican Party platform is in the best interest of black people.

I just read that 25% of African Americans that voted in the California election voted Republican. Is there a larger message there or were they just "wowed" by Arnold too!?

There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life
that is less than the one you are capable of living. - Mandela

I do believe that many blacks have SOCIAL conservatiam and POLITICAL conservatism confused....hell socially i'm very conservative....I do not believe in birth out of wedlock.....but i also do not believe in politicizing social issues that have no bearing on me, such as abortion.....i think it is democratic in nature not to try and dictate other's value systems to them.


I think most people do not read schit.....and watch TV which really makes them ignorant of the facts. And when they hear that a poll indicates a certain person is ahead...they just follow like the sheep they are in order to feel like their vote is not "wasted".....I think that is a common tactic, ehnce why they start primaries in New Hampshire which is not indicative of the demographics of this country...yet used to set the "tone" for the whole country....people really get socially engineered daily and do not have a clue how it is done to them. I hate how many of us are so indifferent to politics, based on the fact that we are really affected by it....and as so far as 25% of blacks voting for was that proven? Do they give us ballots that indicate our race and then review them? I doubt it bro......
I don't know MBM, I have a hard time defending G. Davis. The Dems really dropped the freakin ball this time. Everyone was pissed off at G. Davis. The L.A. Times stated that 25-30% of the people who voted for Arnold were registered Democrates..? That 25%(1,103,849) would have kept the Governors Mansion in Dem control. This vote was an anomoly.. I hope Republicans don't get comfy in Sac-town. I would like to know who is responsible for the disastrous car tax and illegal drivers license debacles.
Originally posted by Kevin41:
Idon't know why the hell i keep posting twice....and yes Mr. is betrayal when you work counter to your race after benefitting off of the efforts of your race........

That is exactly what I can't stand about Armstrong Williams and Justice Clarence Thomas. They have not only used Affirmative Action to get where they are, but have gotten the support of their communities behind them and now they want to turn around and slap those same folks in the face by denying those same opportunities to the next generation.

Our people have made the mistake of confusing the methods with the objectives. As long as we agree on objectives, we should never fall out with each other just because we believe in different methods, or tactics, or strategy. We have to keep in mind at all times that we are not fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society
Malcolm X, 1965
Lawd, just how many RACES are there??? Dogs come from all over the world, look differently, still dogs. Same with cats; tigers, lions, and all the rest of those damn cats. STILL CATS!!! Here man comes stepping into the PICTURE. RACES!!!!! That's a crock of bull!!! We look differently, walk on two legs, have two arms, two hands, 10 fingers, eyes, noses, chins, mouths, everything the damn same, but we're RACES? Has everyone lost their damn minds?? We're HUMANS, red, "black", broscream white, yellow, and all the damn colors in between, hair textures, what the damn ever; WE'RE HUMANS, HUMANS, HUMANS, HUMANS. ONE RACE!!!!!!!!!!! HUMANS!!!!!!! Just look differently; everything functions the damn SAME!!!!!!!!! argue Men, women, children, world-wide = HUMANITY; H-U-M-A-N-I-T-Y!!!! Homo Sapiens!!!!! That's all anyone is.

All B.S. Aside, Be it Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Peace and Freedom, Independent, and/or Otherwise, the Lesson Learned is that the People Rule and not the Politicians! It is predicted that the same activity can or will occur within any jurisdiction with the U.S., as it pertains to any concerted effort on the part of the people to remove an elected official from office!

"Shaken Democrats Take Stock

Several contenders stake out positions for 2006 race. While some cast recall as a referendum on Davis, others see a call for broader change.

By Matea Gold

Times Staff Writer

October 9, 2003

California's Democratic officials attempted Wednesday to shake off a collective sense of dismay over losing the governor's office midstream and instead cast the recall as an individual referendum on Gov. Gray Davis, arguing that the Democrats are well-positioned to win back the seat in 2006.

"This is a Democratic state with Democratic core values and a Democratic agenda," said Assembly Speaker Herb Wesson (D-Culver City). "I don't view this as a slap in the face to Democrats. I think it's frustration with the system."

With a Republican at the helm of the state, voters "can no longer blame us for everything," Wesson added. "Even though this was a disturbing time, there is opportunity for us to move forward."

Still, Davis' loss was a bracing blow for Democrats less than a year after the party won every statewide office, the first such sweep since 1882. Some Democrats worried that Arnold Schwarzenegger's election will vastly complicate their legislative goals and political agenda.

"It's really tough," said Democratic political strategist Bill Carrick. "The truth is, having a Democratic governor is very important to the party."

Schwarzenegger's overwhelming victory quieted previous speculation that Democrats might immediately launch a recall campaign against the new governor. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), among others, urged Democrats to avoid any such move.

Instead of another recall, political attention quickly shifted to Democrats who may challenge Schwarzenegger in the 2006 gubernatorial race.

"I think there's a tremendous opportunity here," said Democratic political consultant Darry Sragow. "The public has made it as clear as possible that they want change, and I think you'll start to see Democrats jockeying in a way that will be positive for voters."

Many political analysts said the error-prone campaign of Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, who lost to Schwarzenegger by 17 percentage points, hurt his ability to seek the office again, especially since he ran against the wishes of many party leaders.

"I don't think you can have a verdict that anything that happened to Bustamante last night was good," Carrick said.

Bustamante campaign strategist Richie Ross acknowledged that the lieutenant governor took a risk by jumping on the recall ballot. "He ran after everyone said no one should run, and with that comes a price you pay," he said. But, he added, "people get over it."

Meanwhile, state Treasurer Phil Angelides, Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi and Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer, all viewed as probable gubernatorial contenders in 2006, began staking out positions.

On Tuesday night, Angelides said he plans to challenge the new governor on fiscal matters and "hold Mr. Schwarzenegger responsible for his promises."

"There is going to be no honeymoon," he told Democrats gathered for an election night party at a downtown Los Angeles hotel. "Mr. Schwarzenegger should expect a full debate and a calling to account."

Lockyer struck a more conciliatory tone, noting that Schwarzenegger will come into office "with a significant mandate."

"We'll have to see what policy changes occur to know when it's appropriate to work together and when you want to be critical," he said. "I don't start by assuming that we should be critical."

Garamendi cast himself as an independently elected official and said he does not believe Tuesday's election reflected dissatisfaction with Democratic leadership. The recall, he added, "was very much a Gray Davis thing."

Other Democrats worried that Schwarzenegger's star power could give a boost to Republicans who challenge Democratic incumbents in state legislative races.

Party leaders also acknowledged that they must examine their ability to move Democratic voters, who did not rally to defend Davis' bid to hold on to his job, despite an appeal for unity.

"We're concerned about turnout and how to improve that in the next cycle," said state party Chairman Art Torres.

Feinstein said that Democrats need to build a base "as wide and deep as you can get it," rather than relying solely on traditional supporters like union members. But she insisted the party retains values that resonate with Californians.

"We're for the working man," she said during a news conference at her San Francisco office. "We're for the eight-hour day. We're for government working for the person in need."

Times staff writers Dan Morain and Lee Romney contributed to this report."

Governor Arnold Swartzenegger seeks to work with Democrats to move California forward!

"Transition Team Includes Democrats
San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is among those tapped by Schwarzenegger, as well as Susan Estrich, campaign manager for Michael Dukakis' 1988 presidential bid, and former GOP candidate Bill Simon.

By Marisa Lagos and Patrick McGreevey

Times Staff Writer

4:18 PM PDT, October 9, 2003

California's governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger today named his 65-member transition team, listing personalities as diverse as former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

Standing next to Rep. David Dreier, who will head the transition, Schwarzenegger said he wanted the "smartest people in the state" to help him begin his work in the capital -- no matter what their party affiliation or political views.

"I want to reach out to the people," Schwarzenegger said in his announcement at a Santa Monica press conference, adding that he will be a governor "not just for the Republicans, not just for the Democrats, for everybody."

The list includes a variety of people from all walks of life, including business, law enforcement, politics and Hollywood.

Schwarzenegger will include businessman Bill Simon Jr., a staunch Republican, and Democrats Susan Estrich, a professor, and Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn, to join the others.

In addition, the team will include: Eli Broad, a Los Angeles businessman and philanthropist; Tammy Bruce, a syndicated columnist, commentator and nationally known feminist; Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona; Long Beach Mayor Beverley O'Neill; California Farm Bureau President Bill Pauli; film director Ivan Reitman; former Secretary of State George Shultz; and former California Gov. Pete Wilson.

Donna Arduin, who is taking a leave from the position of director of the Office of Policy and Budget in Florida under Gov. Jeb Bush, will work with Schwarzenegger as well. Arduin, a veteran in government finance, will head the audit of California's books that Schwarzenegger has said will be key in deciding his administration's policies.

Dreier, 51, is chairman of the California GOP congressional delegation and heads the House Rules Committee, an arm of the Republican leadership that is the final stop for nearly all major legislation before it hits the House floor.

He is also a close ally of President Bush and is known as one of the most skilled Republican operatives on Capitol Hill. The congressman was one of the governor-elect's top advisors, and often stepped in as a spokesman during the nine-week sprint to the recall election.

Today, he characterized the transition team that he will head as widely varied, made up of people who are both "very liberal and very conservative."

"I will tell you this will be a somewhat unusual group," Dreier said. "The reason I'm so convinced we can have a diverse group is the strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's in a position where he will get a wide range of recommendations from people throughout the state and from around the country."

The congressman added that the team's office opened in Sacramento on Wednesday and the staff has begun their work.

Also in Sacramento today was Gov. Gray Davis, who spent Wednesday in seclusion with his wife, Sharon, in West Hollywood. The couple were scheduled to fly to the capital to thank the staff and attend a rally on the Capitol steps organized by the governor's supporters to thank the Democrat for his "20 years of good work."

Davis has made nine appointments since Tuesday's election, including one to the California Coastal Conservancy. Today, Schwarzenegger said he would rather the governor did not continue to sign legislation or make appointments, but conceded that he has the right to do so.

The governor-elect added that he was "convinced" that Davis's pledge for a smooth transition was sincere.

Among the team announced today to help the Schwarzenegger transition are Brown and Hahn, both Democrats and outspoken critics of the recall effort.

Hahn said today that he was honored to serve on Schwarzenegger's transition committee and plans to advocate for protecting local governments from financial damage from state budget decisions.

"I plan to bring the perspective of local government to the team, and to work to ensure that local government's ability to provide crucial services -- such as police and fire -- is not jeopardized," the mayor said in a statement.

Los Angeles city officials are particularly concerned by Schwarzenegger's proposal to cut the vehicle license fee, which is an important source of revenue for the city -- and the source of $4 billion worth of city and county funds statewide.

Some city officials are considering whether to request a state ballot measure to provide a steady stream of revenue for police services in cities, including Los Angeles.

Hahn's inclusion on the team comes after weeks of denouncing the recall -- and campaigning with Davis to defeat it. However, Hahn is hoping to put aside past differences and work with the Republican governor-elect.

"I agree with the governor-elect that we must move beyond partisan politics and work together to address the challenges facing our great state," Hahn said.

Another Angeleno -- and former mayor -- Riordan is a close friend of Schwarzenegger and considered running in the recall race himself, before the governor-elect announced his candidacy. Riordan, like the former actor, is considered a moderate Republican, a position that may have cost him last year's GOP governor primary -- to another Schwarzenegger advisor: Simon.

Simon lost his bid for the California governorship to Davis less than a year ago and also considered running in the recall. He is notably more conservative than some of his Republican counterparts on the team.

Also notable was the inclusion of former governor Wilson, a key player in Schwarzenegger's campaign. Wilson's -- and his former staff's -- inclusion in the campaign was the cause of criticism from Democrats who said electing the former actor was in effect inviting the Wilson team back to Sacramento.

Estrich was the campaign manager for Michael Dukakis' 1988 presidential bid and is a Robert Kingsley professor of law and political science at the University of Southern California.

It was unclear how much of a role the committee members would play in shaping the new governor's policies.

In his comments, Dreier stressed both Schwarzenegger's conservative leanings -- in fiscal matters -- and his inclusive philosophy in choosing advisors and aides. That was underscored during the former actor's campaign, when he recruited a team including conservatives like Dreier, Hollywood friends and investor Warren E. Buffett, also a longtime friend -- but also an outspoken critic of the Bush administration.

"He's in a position where he will get a wide range of recommendations from people throughout the state and from around the country," Dreier said. "As those recommendations come in, Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making the final decisions and he is in a very good position to do that."

Times Staff Writer Nick Anderson contributed to this report"

thats funny....most black male conservatives also tend to have this homo/sissy azz demeanor about themselves too.....Armstrong and Elder have little female tizzes when you refute their words.....raised voices, eye rolling and the whole nine....i guess if you subjugate yourself under the white man long enough you start to feel like his woman.....simply amazing

As so far as the Dems are concerned, they really act like they are scared to speak up or something....Davis did not mention once that the car tax was high before and reduced just two years ago with provisions to raise it again if needed. I wonder if white Dems punk out like they do to keep power in the hands of Repub(the lilly white party) after getting their individual rewards with the black vote....if the Dems did not have any black representation I would say it is obvious that is the case......hmmm......

I'm still working on "betrayal." The intervening posts make a lot of valid points. Particularly the exmpales of Armstrong Williams and Clarence Thomas. For me, Armstrong Williams is an embarassment. It's embarassing to have the "world" see, as in perceive, this man as a representative of me, let alone my thought processes. The validity of Armstrong Williams is that he is making a living. It's a "hustle" as we used to say "back in the day." I put zero credibility in what Armstrong Williams says. The good news is everyone, including the Republicans, does the same. Armstrong Williams is the entertainment of the "conservative Left."

Clarence Thomas is also an embarassment. Here is an intellect thrown away. He hasn't learned how to use the power of his office. And he's not dumb. He has no sense of authority. He could have derailed the Florida 2000 election gambit by any one of several alternative decisions with his vote. He didn't. THAT was betrayal. Whether in ignorance, or choice. I can't remember whether he is a Democrat or Republican. We hope it doesn't matter on "The Court." Don't we?

But this whole thing about "black Republicans" is a larger issue. African Americans were typically Republican until the 1930s. Hoover with his "a chicken in every pot, and two cars in every garage", followed by "The Great Depression" made us Democrats. Roosevelt was carried into office riding the crest of a wave of black. We kept him there through four elections. In spite of segregation, at its worst. In spite of lynchings by the dozen. His wife, Eleanor, was the relief of African America, not Franklin D. He could have cared less. She shamed him into everything he did to benefit African America.

Independence is the first step to political power for African Americans.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.
If the word "house nigger" were in the dictionary, you would find Armstrong Williams' picture next to it. He is the empitome of a house nigger: i.e., a black person who idolizes the white man, the white race and despises the black man and the black race; I am sure his ancestors asked to board the slave ships just to be close to a white person.
Clarence Thomas is the empitome of a person who is out for himself and does not care who he hurts to get to where he wants to be; if he had never went to college, I am sure he would have been a crack dealer, a pimp or a crooked truck driver that would dump toxid waste specifically in the black community.
The mention of Clarence Thomas brought back memories of a childhood incident that better describes Clarence Thomas types, other minorities of his character: My friend and I were walking to the store one day and as we passed this house a large german sheperd came running, growling and barking at us; we took off running from this dog and only path away from the dog was a very steep hill, as we were running up the hill my friend slipped, I stopped long enough to help her back up and as we turned to continue running, she literally grabbed me and attempted to try to throw me in the path of the dog. (It was a failed attempt). I think thisactual occurrence kind of mirrors what Clarence Thomas, Armstrong Williams and non-black minorities, and/or foreigners of all races that come to America are doing. (Just felt like posting this)
I remember talking to Armstrong William's punk ass a while ago during an online discussion. I asked him why he was working so hard with the Republican Party to hire more black folks to work for them and how that is not a form of affirmative action.

Of course, he says the "liberal media" had it all wrong, that they were simply looking for qualified black candidates, and that they were not using quotas. I'll just chalk that up to double standards set up by snakes like him.
So are people saying Black Republican does = traitor or Uncle Tom?

Or is this just specifically the black figureheads Clarence Thomas, Armstrong Williams, Ward Connolly and others that people are referring to?

Do people think that these people do indeed represent the mentality of the average Black Republican?

[This message was edited by whatzgoingon on October 10, 2003 at 01:23 PM.]
Today, the Black Republican does equal traitor or Uncle Tom versus the Black Republican of 50 years ago. It's really a question of ideology. I've heard someone argue that the Republican party was the party of Lincoln that ended slavery, branding it the "liberal" party for years. However, that ideology changed during the Civil Rights Movement, when white people got upset with Johnson for signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Many of the white conservative/racists Democrats, example Strom Thurmond, became Republicans. There were some negroes who stayed on with the party because it was the party of Lincoln. Many of those folks are gone on to glory.
Today, figureheads like Clarence Thomas, Armstrong Williams and Ward Connolly(sp?) are the most self-hating black people that I have ever come across in the public arena. They absolutely do not speak for the majority of black americans and apparently have other issues relating to their self-esteem.
I'm going to be honest, I believe that they are a great representation of Black Republicans who are trying to fit into the white world in an extreme fashion.
In addition, I'd like to say that the majority of black americans are outright against the Republican party and are registering more as Independents. The Democrats are losing ground in the black community also.

Our people have made the mistake of confusing the methods with the objectives. As long as we agree on objectives, we should never fall out with each other just because we believe in different methods, or tactics, or strategy. We have to keep in mind at all times that we are not fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society
Malcolm X, 1965
"That was the point of me request. But now that I think about it, I don't think he can point to Black achievements, because that is not his purpose on the web. His role is to distract the Black man while validating the other man. This thought leads me to one conclusion,


......In once sense I'm referred to as being a Black Republican, and in another, "Lofton is Not a Black Man. He is a White Trouble Maker." There is no way possible that I could be both a "Black Republican" and a "White Trouble Maker"!

Mind you those who profess to be all that in so-called Black Nationalists, pro Black, in a Kevin41, and Kweli4Real are truly hypocritical.

Case in point, anyone who defends or makes excuses for any Black man or woman who commits Adultery to betray his or her Black spouse, just to have a Caucasian mistress, which is the height of betrayal, is indeed as phony as phony can be.

Mohammad Ali, Malcolm X, and/or other Black people of like mind, would not have put themselves in such a vulnerable position in the first place.

Unlike these fake individuals who profess to be that authority on Black people, as it pertains to a Kweli4Real or Kevin 41, neither Malcolm X nor Mohammad Ali would betray their spouse to have that so-called prized opportunity to have a "five minute booty call" with a Caucasian woman.

Heck, Mohammad Ali would make it very clear, as if to say in so many words, "I have no interest to be with any Caucasian woman, be it today, tomorrow, or in my senior years, no matter how successful I become, or how often any Caucasian attempts or conives to entrap me, with one of their women".

Mohammad Ali and Malcolm X, did not possess the first university degree, but both had sufficient common sense, ethnic sense, street smarts, to outwit any Caucasian, in that having so much as the slightest desire to be with a Caucasian woman, was not one of their weaknesses.

Ask me if I have any sympathy for a Kobe Bryant, and I'll say that such sympathy does not exist. Kobe Bryant should be taken to the cleaners, for being so foolish as to think, that absolutely nothing would come from this promiscuous act of betrayal, of getting it on with a Caucasian woman, in the midst of being surrounding by a sea of Caucasians.

Considering the reality of what truly goes on in Black America, the so-called Black Democrats are in no position to point fingers as to who to blame for the demise of Black America, when for well over thirty years the Democratic Party has been, is, and continues to be large and in charge in the Black community.

The Black community is saturated with religious doctrine, preachers, fake preachers, yet our community continues to be the deadliest, most criminal, most poverty stricken, most void of competent representation community in the U.S.

Can't blame any of this perverted activity on the Republican Party, or any Black Republican, because more times than not all Republicans have been treated as if the Republican Party has the "Kooties". Mind you, the party of influence, meaning the Democratic Party, through sleaze, greed, incompetence, game playing, stealing while in office, etc., many times by elected officials who are Black like me, have done more to keep the Black community in poverty, than any Republican politician.


Michael Lofton


"Do you all believe that most Black Republicans have the mentality of a Lofton?

God! I hope not!

Lofton is in a class by himself!" by ricardomath

You better believe it. As for the likes of ricardomath, ricardomath is a reject from his own community. Just like inter-racial marriage will not be accepted in many Caucasian communities, the same can be said for the Black community. Other than the reality that most Black people within the U.S. are U.S. citizens, ricardomath, and Black people have absolutely nothing in common.

This being said ricardomath's input, be it pro or con, is meaningless as applied to any subject pertaining to Black people. Just because he is married to a Black woman, mind you, a Black woman who is not yet a U.S. citizen, does not make him an authority on the Black experience, or mean that he will be received as being a part of the Black community.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you are racist azz white man who comes in here talking the bullshit you do to serve as a distraction on this message board. As so far as Ricardo, what makes you think he gives a f-k what your afflicted azz or anyone else thinks? He married who the hell he wanted to.......I would do the same thing if that were the case and tell everyone to kiss my black azz if they did not like it. You are the reject of the black race if you are actually black...why do you think you had to go see refuge and affiliation with the same whites who joke about lynching your stupid azz?....because working for their approval after what they said about people like your very own relatives does make you stupid Lofton, plain and simple........if you think i'm lying, take your opinions to any black progressive forum and see how you will be laughed or ran the hell up out of know that...I know that and everyone else does also....... "by a university professor ???????"

Well Kevin41,

Just proves how much of a phony Black progressive you truly are, because the real Black nationalists, in a Malcolm X, Mohammad Ali, would not be defending or speaking on behalf of any ricardomath, at the expense of another Black man, woman, or child.

This is my last response to the likes of Kevin41, Kweli4Real, or ricardomath, because it is a waste of my valuable time to waste it on phony individuals.

As for exercising the freedom of speech, be it the PW message board, the American Republicans,, AskHeartBeat, BlackWorldToday, the, the Daily News, the L.A. Times, the Scoop Magazine, it is my option as to freedom of expression and not yours, as to any topic I choose to discuss. .......I don't have to reach back to the infamous "Dread Scott" decision to prove my point!

[This message was edited by Lofton on October 11, 2003 at 08:13 AM.]

I wouldn't be surprised if you are racist azz white man who comes in here talking the bullshit you do to serve as a distraction on this message board. As so far as Ricardo, what makes you think he gives a f-k what your afflicted azz or anyone else thinks? He married who the hell he wanted to.......I would do the same thing if that were the case and tell everyone to kiss my black azz if they did not like it. You are the reject of the black race if you are actually black...why do you think you had to go see refuge and affiliation with the same whites who joke about lynching your stupid azz?....because working for their approval after what they said about people like your very own relatives does make you stupid Lofton, plain and simple........if you think i'm lying, take your opinions to any black progressive forum and see how you will be laughed or ran the hell up out of know that...I know that and everyone else does also.......

and while your racist white azz rants on about's the difference between a black man accused and a white man convicted....but based on your PW background, you could never be cognizant enough to quit ragging on blacks and their communities to see that there is a distinct racist percpetion difference in while you wish for Kobe's decline....look what happens on the other side....I want to see you assert yourself from now on across the board the same for all people...and it will give you some validity as not liking people who do wrong period and not just castigating blacks...but we all know better....i'm just posting this to demonstrate how people like you are...

White Privilege & Marv Albert's Return

By Richard Muhammad

The Dred Scott decisionWhite Privilege & Marv Albert's Return in 1857
declared a Black man had no rights a white man was bound to respect and
enshrined privileges enjoyed by America's Caucasian males as the law of the

Another privilege enjoyed by whites is the ability and prerogative to
absolve one another of any wrongdoing or misconduct, no matter how heinous
or deviant. The reinstatement of Marv Albert as a top NBC sportscaster again
proves a white male can always be forgiven and redeemed. Albert, you may
recall, was accused of assaulting a woman during a bizarre sexual escapade
in 1997.

The woman accused Albert of biting her 15 times and forcing her to perform
oral sex in a Vienna, Va., hotel room. As his trial moved forward and
details of his sex life and habit of wearing women's lingerie hit the media,
Albert pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor assault and battery.
A forcible sodomy rape charge was dropped. His sentence was delayed for a
year and the Basketball Hall of Fame sportscaster received no jail time.

NBC declared June 29 that Albert would return to the air ways--not that he
ever left--in a multi-year contract that has him covering Olympic boxing in
Sydney, Australia, in 2000, and Olympic ice hockey in Salt ake City in 2002.
The broadcaster will also provide play-by-play coverage of the National
Basketball Asociation, as he had before the hotel episode. "I have always
hoped Albert would be able to return to NBC Sports during my tenure," NBC
sports big-shot Dick Ebersol, told the media.

Albert's return really isn't a return, it's more of an expansion of his
never-gone-sour-career. Executives at the Madison Square Garden network
brought Albert back last July--with the requisite apology and disclosure of
therapy by him--to anchor its sports desk and do radio play-by-play for the
New York Knicks. And, yes, that was Albert who you saw doing NBA games on
cable's TNT network, he was brought back to the national scene by Turner
Sports in April.

Unlike the vilification Black males face for crimes, violating white
America's social expectations, speaking the truth or just walking down the
street, the crimes of white men are always excusable.

So while welfare fraud gets you jail time, major fraud and public
contrition, ala onetime junk bond king Michael Milken, can get you time at a
country club penal facility and you get to keep your status and money.
Sexual crimes or battery charges--like rock star Tommy Lee's beating of wife
Pamela Anderson Lee, actor Hugh Grant's encounter with a Black streetwalker,
or former 1980s heart throb Rob Lowe's sexual tryst with a minor--also don't
count, if you're a white male. If you're a Black male especially an athlete
or high profile person--any misconduct, or alleged crime, contributes to the
downfall of the country's young people, perpetuates disrespect of women, and
is a glaring example of America's moral decline.

Albert's return, already legitimized by the other sports networks, isn't
likely to be greeted by howls from feminists, or outrage from white females.
Condemnation for sexual crime or abuse works best when aimed at Black males.
It fits America's stereotype of the Black man as a crazed sexual predator.

You also won't see every sportscaster of prominence polled about whether the
NBC network decision was right or wrong--the way prominent Blacks are polled
to either embrace or disavow leaders or positions that whites repudiate.

None of that matters because white privilege is a fact of life in America,
and the white man's rights must always be respected--even when he's wrong.
Mr. Lofton's like Rush. Spews all his hatred against Africans with heaps of skeletons in his own closet. It'll never come to light, because we don't know him. He's a saint and has never been 24/25. Folks fluck up in their 20's, royally sometimes. I absolutely love Mohammad Ali, but I know he wasn't a saint. Might not have fooled with Cauc's, but did stroll with a woman not his wife, while married. He's been married 150 times. That's his bizness. Lofton, you used to be a nice man, I thought. Must be somethin' in that damn Caleefornia water. My, how you've changed!!!!! Be careful of all that hate, eventually it'll show up on your face. Hate makes folks awfully UGLY!! Look in the mirror. Do you see it???? Always remember George Wallace. He looked like he was from another planet when he died. Take some Vitamin E tablets. Give it a rest. Razz

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You're right Norland,

That is why I posted that article, to see if I could procure the same kind of hatred for Marv that was displayed for Kobe.....for the fact it is not there tells me it is not about credibility or virtue....just spewing hatred towards black people......that article was just a small part of a bigger sociological experiment with Lofton.......simply amazing how certain behaviors can be identified after you control for them............

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