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Although I believe that the study is basically on to something, I see some flaws in the methodology. Check this: "The white names included Neil, Brett, Greg, Emily, Anne and Jill. Some of the black names used were Tamika, Ebony, Aisha, Rasheed, Kareem and Tyrone."

Even within the world of "non-black names," there are some that are more likely to influence an employer than others, and there are studies that prove it. Emily, Anne, and Jill are about the least noticeable names around, and therefore the least likely to ruffle feathers. I would have added to the study by including less traditional names that aren't "black," like Clayton, Bernard, or Genevieve, and less "ghetto" sounding black names, like Darnell or Tiana
If we were REALLY U.S. Citizens of Black AMERICA as Mr Lofton always states, there would be NO problem, whether your name was OogaBooga or James, if you werer qualified, you would be hired, be able to go to any school without all this race nonsense and live anywhere you wanted, next to any so-called WHITE in AMERICA. That's not the way it is, is it? We fight, and fight and fight, and the beat goes on and on and on. It just NEVER ends, decade after decade; century after century. I can't believe I typed this without cussing; believe me, it was hard.
Norland, I agree with you to a certain extent, but in a world where studies have shown that "Elizabeth" is more comfortable to employers than "Kandy," I don't know why we're surprised about Amy being more employer-friendly than Mutaaqwa. We live in a society. The further away somebody strays from what's generally accepted in society, the less generally accepted they are to society themselves. And it works both ways; try naming a child Goober and raise him in the ghetto, and see what he has to do to get respect. I'm not saying it's right, but it damn sure shouldn't be a surprise.
Originally posted by obvious_1:
There are too many Black millionaires so I see no excuse for why there are not more black corporations.

I think you've got it backwards. You get to be a millionaire by first creating your own business. What are you doing to build the black economy?
My friend I don't think you read my response correctly because your statement doesn't make sense. I said with all the black millionaires today why aren't there more black corporations. We need more Magic Johnsons and Bob Johnsons.

As far as what I am doing to build the black economy. I have a plan. I'm a college dropout. I was still able to obtain a decent paying occupation. I own my own home. I am able to provide my children with the things they need and some of the things they want. I have done this so far and I am just in my mid twenties. My next step in life is to save my money and start my own business someday. After I start my own business and make it a success hopefully this will secure a future for my children. Then I will focus more of my attention on giving a hand to my fellow brothers and sisters struggling to help themselves. My friend I am not a romanticist like you implied in another thread. I am a man with a dream and a plan to make it come true.

Now tell me what are you doing to better yourself and your people?
Originally posted by dwill:
What the study failed, and cannot, provide are the numbers of black personnel workers who actually reviewed those resumes.

It'd be interesting to see a breakdown, but not necessary.

The study's focus is the discrimination, not the discriminator.

It doesn't matter the race of the employer. They are discriminating.

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